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What is the Aggregate Resources Act??

The Aggregate Resources Act regulates the extraction of aggregates (sand, gravel, clay, earth, limestone, granite, etc.) on private land in areas designated under the Act, all Crown land and all land under water.

The Act which was proclaimed law on January 1, 1990, consolidates the Pits and Quarries Control Act, Part 7 of the Mining Act and the Beach Protection Act under one piece of legislation.

The operation and rehabilitation of pits and quarries are controlled by this legislation through the use of:

  • licences on designated private land and permits on Crown land,
  • preparation of site plans,
  • annual licence fee of which the majority is returned to the local municipality and county,
  • rehabilitation security which is placed in an interest bearing account in the name of the licensee or permittee and returned as the site is rehabilitated.

N E W ... S T A N D A R D S

The province has released tough new standards that govern the aggregate and petroleum industries.

The standards are set out in regulations that are now in effect. The regulations support the new Aggregate and Petroleum Resources Statute Law Amendment Act, 1996, which is also referred to as Bill 52. It was passed in December 1996 and proclaimed into law June 27, 1997.

"The standards set out in the regulations for this Act are the toughest in the province’s history," said Natural Resources Minister Chris Hodgson. "We intend to impose severe penalties on operators who don’t adhere to them."

The province sets policy and standards for the aggregate and petroleum industries and makes sure the regulations and standards are followed. MNR will continue to audit and enforce its standards and regulations. The Act also gives the ministry new and stronger enforcement tools, including new and stiffer penalties.

"Tougher laws and enforcement will ensure our resources are sustained for the long term," said Mr. Hodgson.

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