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Men In Black: Menace Or Mirage?

Ominous entities visit UFO witnesses to threaten and coerce
them to silence.

Men in black are unknown entities who threaten and menace UFO
witnesses. They claim to be from obscure government agencies
that don't exist and they drive brand new vintage cars with
license plates that subsequently prove to be unissued numbers.

Men in black ultimately prove to be harmless, despite all
their threats of beatings and kidnapping. But who are they and
who sends them to the homes of UFO witnesses?

An encounter with the mysterious figures can be one of the
most disturbing experiences a UFO witness can have. Visits
from MIBs follow a set pattern and usually happens to a male
UFO witness who reports his sighting or encounter.

Immediately after (and often before) he reports the sighting,
two or three figures who appear to be almost human, dressed in
black conservative suits, often with sharply white shirts,
black ties, dark hats and black shoes, arrive at the witness's

They appear to be FBI agents from early black and white
B-movies. Some appear to be suntanned or olive skinned with
Asian features. Some are pale and wan. They flash badges and
ID, claiming to be from government agencies or UFO
investigating organizations.

They often appear awkward or ill-at-ease and talk in the
stilted, dramatic slang of 1940s gangster movies, warning
witnesses that if they want their wives to "... stay as pretty
as she is," they will keep their mouths shut or recover
samples or photographs sent to labs for analysis.

Their cars are as unusual as the entities. Classic reports of
MIBs state they arrive in brand new Cadillacs (in America) or
brand new Jaguars (in the UK and Europe), although the models
they drive have been out of production for 20 or 30 years!
License plates, when checked, are always numbers that have not
been issued. A third entity will often remain in the car,
sometimes enshrouded in an ozone-like aura.

One explanation of the enigma is that they are some kind of
transmitted hallucination. Another is that they are pure
hallucinations conjured from the minds of the witnesses,
perhaps as a result of the stress associated with a UFO
encounter. But why their appearance and mannerisms remain so
consistent in reports from worldwide sources, including from
people in remote areas who know little or nothing of UFO lore,
remains a mystery.

More complex theories purport that MIBs are a part of some
elaborate psychological experiment conducted by government
agencies, both foreign and domestic, using subliminal
transmissions and telepathy to either implant the images or to
test a witness's integrity.

In 1976, Dr. Herbert Hopkins was working as a consulting
hypnotist on an alleged UFO abduction case in Maine. One night
when he was home alone, he received a telephone call from a
person who said he represented a New Jersey UFO research
group, a claim which later proved to be false.

The caller asked to visit Hopkins to discuss the abduction
case and the doctor agreed to meet with the caller. It was
only after the meeting that he would reflect upon how odd it
was that he had so readily agreed to share the details of the
case with a stranger.

He did not even consider it odd at the time, however, that
only seconds after the call he found a man waiting at his
front door. The man was hairless; bald and completely without
eyelashes or brows. He was dressed in the classic black suit,
white shirt. black ties, black shoes. Hopkins imagined that he
was a mortician.

Completely at ease with this unusual visitor whose dead-white
face was punctuated only by lips that appeared to be covered
with lipstick, Dr. Hopkins invited the man in and sat with him
for some time while the details of the abduction case were

After a period, Hopkins noticed that the stranger's speech was
slowing and his movements appeared to become unsteady. His
parting words to his host, as he rose to leave, were: "My
energy is running low. Must go now. Good-bye." Only after the
MIB had staggered away did Hopkins understand the strangeness
of the event.

With certain variations, this visit is considered to be
typical of the legendary Men In Black, beings who are on the
surface human, but who are clearly something else. Since the
1950s, MIB have become almost an adjunct of some UFO sightings
and have attained a near-mythical status in UFO lore.

Many MIB appear to be puzzled and confused about such everyday
items as ball-point pens and eating utensils. Nearly all have
in common a somber appearance and immaculate black and white
attire. They tend to be robotic or android-like, emotionless
and business-like in their mannerisms. Some instill fear by
their very appearance and presence.

Although there has never been a report of actual physical
harm, MIBs often threaten witnesses with all sorts of violence
to dissuade them from talking about UFO sightings or seeking
information about them.

The theory that MIBs are from some government organization has
gradually lost favor, primarily because no one can imagine any
but the most paranoid and nefarious federal agents of
perpetrating such a conspiracy, but that is not to say that
paranoid and dangerous federal agents are not out there
listening to your phone calls or reading your mail.

Whether or not they paint their faces and dress in pressed
black suits to dissuade you from investigating your UFO
encounter too closely is another question, and one that may
never be satisfactorily answered.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.