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Perfect Cover:
How "aliens" and UFOs are used to hide secret
military projects.

Amazing Alien! It is hairless, has no eyelids, is about the
same size as an adolescent human teenage girl, comes from Zeta
Reticuli, drives a spaceship no one has ever been aboard, zips
from here to there in a twinkling and has been tampering with
human genetic codes for about 10,000 to 30,000 years (or so
some would have us believe). It might have been created by
genetic engineers in one of those secret underground labs
right here on Earth! On the other hand, it could be an
intelligence agent or military member dressed up in a funny

If I had a secret intelligence organization and I wanted to be
able to go anywhere, anytime and do anything I wanted while I
gathered intelligence information on any person or country
without having to answer to anyone if (or when) I got caught,
I would "create" an "alien" life form, let it fly around in my
amazing saucer-shaped craft armed with the latest weapons and
detection-evading systems and deny knowing anything about it.

That way, if a saucer crashed or someone got lucky and killed
one of my agents, I would not be held responsible for
violating anyone's civil rights or for violating any
international laws with respect to espionage.

It would be the perfect cover.

Or if I had a secret intelligence organization trying to find
out who was controlling the "aliens", and if I wanted to
devise methods of detecting and destroying or, at least,
repelling the "aliens" and their controllers, I would try to
obtain one of their aircraft and crews and I would take
everything apart and see how it worked. That way I could
invent machines to counter their incursions into my air space.

But I wouldn't tell anyone in the general public what I was
doing because I might want to join the "aliens" someday (to
save my life or political career), or I might want to use
their methods to control the citizens of my country after
declaring the beginning of the New World Order.

It would be the perfect cover if I could always blame some
unknown "aliens." If things went bust, I could simply tell the
world that I knew nothing about the "alien" life forms, that
it was obviously an "invasion" from another galaxy but that
the last ten administrations knew all about it and had been
helping the "aliens" take over for forty years. You can see
how this would enhance my opportunities if I had aspirations
for the highest office in America, especially if I had forty
or fifty years of intelligence information to back up my

By the way, if you have a photograph of a real alien, send it
along. We'd like to see one!


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