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The Great Deception
If we have a conspiracy on our hands, let's get it right!

In offering an analysis of the report The Grand Cosnpiracy, I
will make particular note of a number of inaccuracies and
inconsistencies which should be readily apparent to most
knowledgeable readers. It should already be obvious that a
number of unusual and severe methods may used to deceive and
confound entire nations when the integrity of top secret
projects is at stake.

One effective method is to denounce witnesses as mentally
unstable, insane, or unreliable. Witnesses are proclaimed to
be "crazy" or "suffering from paranoid delusions."

A second method is to release documents containing a number of
inaccuracies and inconsistencies such as the MJ-12 documents
addressed to President Eisenhower which has been proven to be a
fraud, and things like the preceding document.

A third method is vehement denial over a period of several
years through every possible media.

A fourth and most effective method is to perpetrate, on a
fairly regular basis, obvious hoaxes that can be subsequently
shown to be hoaxes and frauds.

A fifth method is to create national disasters or wars to
divert attention away from secret projects. Television is a
wonderful platform from which to launch such diversions. The
recent Gulf War was the most watched event in history and who
was thinking of UFOs while the slaughter of 150,000 soldiers
was being electronically projected to the world?

In the case of UFO sightings all five methods, and others
(possibly murder and kidnapping) are used.

It is not my intention to deny that unusual aircraft are flying
the skies of planet Earth; but it is my expression that the
previous report, while it contains some historical fact about
UFOs, is a hoax.

In the first paragraph of the report, the author states that
the U.S. Government has been in contact with extraterrestrials
for 40 years. Six lines later, the number has changed to 20
years. Three paragraphs later it changes back to 40 years.

The person who supposedly filed this report is a famous son of
a very famous person. He is a pilot. He has flown many
different kinds of aircraft. He supposedly worked for CIA and
other government agencies.

Unless his study of the history of aviation is severely
deficient (and from his stated credentials, I doubt it), he
would know that a very advanced jet-powered saucer shaped
aircraft had been developed by Nazi Germany near the end of
World War Two. American and British intelligence agencies have
confirmed this as fact.

If the person who filed this report worked for the CIA in any
capacity for any reason, it seems highly unlikely that he would
put his name on this document. The CIA has no problem
whatsoever in dealing with people who cause them grief, even if
one of their own (or especially one of their own). Not that I
condone it, but there is good reason for it.

The author of the document names several well-known scientists,
newsmen and novelists and accuses them of collaborating in the
cover-up of UFO information. In a strictly legal sense, the
author has named them as accessories to kidnapping and murder,
an accusation that could cause him a great deal of anguish if
only one of them elects to sue. If the person who filed this
report is really the person he claims to be, he would know that
the family empire might soon belong to a famous newscaster!

The medical records of James Forrestal are sealed for the same
reason yours would be: It is not public information. I would be
surprised, however, if Mr. Forrestal really jumped from that
16th floor window. But I would believe that he might have been

It is true that organizations still exists to handle the UFO
problem. One of them has set up housekeeping in the basement of
the Pentagon. One of their missions is to study the phenomena
of UFOs, but their primary mission is to make you believe
something is out there, but that they are all hoaxes. This
effective smokescreen is used to mask secret projects
(aircraft, weapons, etc.), secret wars and secret deals, not
with interplanetary visitors, but with other nations on this
planet. When someone gets close to a secret facility, they
create a "flying saucer" flap to scare the hell out of

Since the UFO is just what these snooping people are looking
for, they turn around and look the other way for a month or so
and the secret project can continue unhindered by prying eyes.
This is the true UFO Conspiracy: the UFOs they let you see for
the most part are not real so you don't get too close to the
UFOs that are real.

People who claim to have been abducted report the beings are
smaller than humans, clothed in a soft-looking gray material,
and have large heads and enormous dark elongated eyes. That
description is repeated over and over with regularity

So what are the locusts, the praying mantises who eat human
flesh and drink human blood, who steal human eyes and tongues
and rectums, who are at first billions of years more advanced,
then only a few thousand years more advanced than we?

Americans did not invent the concept of the atomic bomb. The
Germans did. Americans did not create supersonic jet or rocket
powered aircraft. The Germans and British did. Americans did
not invent the concept of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
The Germans did. America confiscated the technology and German
scientists who developed it after WWII, but America did not
invent it.

Crashes of "saucers" near Roswell and other desert communities
after the war were probably V-2 rockets and other stolen
weapons launched by German scientists who had been smuggled
into the US illegally. (This is not to say that unidentified
aircraft have not been recovered by the military, nor is it
meant to imply that some facilities do not have pieces of alien
space craft).

I have not seen the video tape referred to in relation to Dr.
Hibbs, so I cannot comment beyond saying that it is a dictum of
the scientific method to pronounce no theory until all the
facts about an item or object are obtained. A video tape does
not prove or disprove the existence of UFOs.

While government officials publicly declared that the
Washington, DC flap was the result of radar returns from a
weather inversion, I suspect the sightings will never be
honestly revealed. Aircraft scrambled to intercept the
"saucers" could not find any objects in the sky, although they
were still on radar screens. At this time, I am inclined to
believe the sightings were false radar returns.

The government moved a lot of hardware along our highways after
the war. Most of it was the rockets and aircraft confiscated
from Nazi Germany. If they purchased entire farms from people,
I suggest the author name the people so we can verify the sale.
Records exist somewhere of all real estate sales!

How much does a 100-foot diameter UFO weigh? Could two or three
lo-boys carry the weight without popping the tires? Could two
or three lo-boys drive thousands, or even hundreds, of miles in
unison so they wouldn't drop their load? Can anyone alive today
verify the movements of these vehicles and the shape of their
loads? Records exist somewhere! If anyone closes a major
highway in any state, a record of that closure must be filed in
the county or state capitol. Let's have a look.

If communications were established between EBEs and humans at
Holloman Air Force Base on April 30, 1964, how was the meeting
arranged and by whom? Are any of the principals still alive to
confirm or deny the meeting? Could they or would they? Records
must exist within Air Force files somewhere. If they are not
all dead, humans who witnessed the event should be interviewed
and statements produced.

About the only thing with which I concur are the details and
definitions of abductions. I do, however, suspect the
abductions are being conducted by Earthlings rather than
aliens, even if the abductions are for most of the reasons
stated: medical research, development of biological warfare
agents and Artificially Induced DNA Structuring (AIDS) genetic

Oddly enough, the author of this document suggests that nearly
everyone who has vanished in the last 40 years has been the
victim of alien abduction with the notable exclusion of MIAs.
Yet, UFO activity increases rather than decreases during
periods of worldwide conflict. TLOs (foo fighters) have been
seen in every country during every war since WWII, including
Korea and Vietnam. Maybe the dead are easy pickings. Maybe
wounded or lost men can be abducted without raising too many
questions. They died. They're missing. They're captive. Too
bad. Go home and leave us alone.

Are any of the MIAs or KHAs listed on the aliens' reports to
NSC? Records exist somewhere! Let's have a look at them.

The author states that the EBEs have a genetic disorder that
has atrophied their digestive system. How does he know that? If
he knows that, why must he offer a speculation in the following
sentence that the disorder may have been produced as a result
of a war or evolution? If he knows they have a system
dysfunction, he should know what caused it, the information
having been derived from the same source at the same time.

In the case of Sgt. Louette, who was reportedly mutilated by
aliens: How does the author know how the body was mutilated?
Where did he obtain the medical records? (which are not
available to anyone in the public realm). Let's see the name of
the coroner who performed the autopsy (and you can bet one was
performed). Records exist somewhere!

It is one thing to state that secret bases exist at various
locations around the nation (and world). It is another to
produce proof that human body parts are being stored and
stirred in huge cauldrons by members of the CIA and crew
members from captured alien spacecraft. At one point in this
report, the author states that only three EBEs have been
captured (EBE-1, EBE-2 and EBE-3) and that they are being held
in a facility designated YY-II at Los Alamos, New Mexico. But
throughout the report, he seems to tell us that thousands of
insect-lizard EBEs are manning the test facilities and food
processing stations all over the nation, if not the world.

How many are there? Three or three million? Or zero?

If a breakout was attempted at some secret base near Dulce, New
Mexico and 66 soldiers were killed, let's see the records. Now
that would be public record. If you want a copy of a
serviceman's record, write to the Army and you have it by First
Class mail. In any event, records of this incident would exist
somewhere and soldiers must still be alive who participated.
Let's find them and ask some questions.

Motion pictures, by and large, have always been used as
propaganda. I can't say that any particular motion picture has
been financed by the government to keep us looking the wrong
direction, but I wouldn't put it past them. The point is:
Records exist somewhere! Produce them as evidence.

Unless something has gone awry, the aliens' plan for domination
of Earth is taking an inordinately long time to accomplish.
Since these critters have been seen for a couple of thousand
years, and continue to be seen today, and they still haven't
taken over and eaten us all, it means they aren't planning on
eating us, aren't planning on taking over and, in fact, may not
exist. Or it means they are so inept they can't get their
program in gear, even after 40 years of intensive work.

Almost as bad as the politicians in Washington, eh?

The author's Bible history can only be described as pitiful. If
he is who he says he is and is intelligent as he says he is and
has accomplished all he says he has, why doesn't he know the
difference between the Sermon on the Mount of Olives and the
location of Jesus' death_Golgotha? (Calvary in Christian

How does the author know the aliens have a video tape or
hologram recording of Jesus? Who told him? Where is it?

If the aliens communicate telepathically, why do they need
monitoring devices implanted in humans to keep track of them?
Why not just summon human number 673 and start talking? If
aliens communicate telepathically, why not summon all of us and
tell us to drop dead so they can stir us up in their vats?

Why do they require a medium in the person of an Air Force
officer to relay their messages if they can communicate
telepathically? To communicate telepathically means
communicating mind to mind without the need to verbalize. Is
this Air Force officer the only person in the world adept at
hearing the message? If so, the aliens aren't all that
accomplished to my way of thinking. Why not just talk to Bill
Moore directly? Or you? Or me?

My overall analysis of the previous report is that it appears
to be precisely one of those documents devised to confuse the
facts and divert attention from serious UFO research. Report #9
is so obviously a fake (like the MJ-12 document) that it was
probably planted by the people whose job it is to make us
believe all UFO sightings and reports are fraudulent. It is
fact and fabrication designed to frighten you with gore.

The idea is to interweave truth with fiction so the layman
neither knows what to believe nor how to interpret it. If one
part of the report is obviously fake, it must all be a fake.
That's the way the thinking goes.

But everything you read about UFOs isn't fraudulent. The
conspiracy is that special groups and agencies have devised
these methods of throwing us off balance so we cannot see the
real thieves sneaking out the back door with the silverware.
The conspiracy is that they have formulated the UFO Conspiracy
themselves and use it to prevent us from knowing what they are
really doing in their secret underground laboratories.

Do I believe UFOs exist? Yes. Do I believe they are manned by
beings from other planets? Maybe. (I need more data). Do I
believe people are being abducted? You bet. Do I believe they
are being kidnapped by creatures from outer space? No. Do I
believe they are being kidnapped by agencies of the government?

Do I believe TLOs exist? Indeed I do! Have I ever seen a UFO or
TLO? More than once. Knowing what I know about weapons and
aircraft, can I identify what I have seen? In all but two cases

As far as I know I have never been abducted or contacted but I
believe other people have been and I am certain more people
will be. I rather suspect the body snatchers are the same
people who are working in some of those secret bases noted in
various reports. I feel fairly certain they are abducted for
bizarre medical research more than anything else.

Groom Lake is undeniably a super secret facility. It may have
miles of underground tunnels. That is not unusual. There are
also miles of underground tunnels elsewhere housing ICBMs and
communications centers but no one makes a big deal of them.

Is there a flying saucer at Groom Lake? Maybe. Aurora, CIA's
new spy plane, lands there. But it lands at Pease Air Force
Base, too, and at NATO bases around the world. Who built it?
Probably Lockheed Aircraft's skunk works. It is not capable of
doing much more than flying at 200,000 feet altitude at about
4000+ miles per hour, certainly not competition for the classic

But if a flying saucer is hangared at Groom Lake, is that craft
something we captured from aliens? No. Why not? Well, according
to the the previous report, the aliens are generously giving us
their technology. According to the author of Report #9 the
aliens communicate by telepathy. According to him, the aliens
won't let us use the technology without their hands-on help.

If we have a captured alien saucer, why haven't they simply
flown it for us and shown us how to do it? If we are doing it
while they are locked up at YY-II at Los Alamos, why don't they
use their telepathy to make us stop? Why don't they use their
telepathy to blow up the planet? Why don't they call their
brothers to come down and stomp us good and give us what for?

If there is a saucer shaped craft at Groom Lake, it was built
by Earth people for Earth people and for operation in Earth's
atmosphere or, at the very best, at the edge of space.

My point is this: If the aliens are supposed to be showing us
the way to create all these wondrous things, why are they so
inconsistent with their generosity?

If anyone believes SDI was created to blow up invading
spaceships why do they not believe these advanced beings could
not and would not prevent us from building it by using
telepathy to make us all fall asleep? If they can use telepathy
to communicate, why have they not made their jailers believe
they should unlock the cells and let them out?

And if the aliens are locked up with no way to escape, who is
performing the abductions and medical experiments? Who is
flying the UFOs that are being reported almost daily? More
aliens? Why don't they help their brothers escape? It should be
a snap if they are as great as some people say they are.

Almost eight years have passed since this report was originally
filed with the Computer Bulletin Board. Nothing significant has
happened to change the way we should investigate the UFO
phenomena. Certainly nothing has happened to change our society
in any radical manner except that we have fought another war
and have elected another liberal leftist President. Neither of
those events can be considered Earth shaking.

A well planned invasion of Earth by creatures thousands or
billions of years more advanced than we, who have spaceships
capable of moving at light speeds, who can communicate
telepathically and who require human flesh and blood as
sustenance would most certainly be swift and sure lightning

Why wait 40 or 100 years until we have developed our own
sophisticated weapons when they could have overwhelmed the
planet about half-way through the Second World War when our
resources were stretched to the limit? Why wait to see who was
going to win when they could have destroyed all of us with
their superior technology and mind power?

Why send a few dozen or a few hundred vampires when they could
have sent millions? Why not just sweep in and harvest the crop,
then go home with a full belly?

And the most elusive question of all has never been asked or
answered: Where is "home?" If they told us they have digestion
problems, why haven't they told someone where they came from?

The author of the previous report admonishes you to run away
the next time you see a UFO so you won't end up as Soylent
Green. That's just about what you should expect from someone
who doesn't want you to find out what's landing in your back

My advice is this: Next time you see a UFO, don't worry about
being dissected by intelligent insects. Take as many pictures
as you can, preferably through several neutral density filters
and through filters of various colors. Write down everything
that happens. Note the times, directions, speeds, number of
craft. Count heads. Look for landing gear. Listen for sounds.
Remember the colors you see. Throw a rock at the thing and see
if it bounces off or vaporizes. Listen and note the sound when
(or if) the rock strikes the object. Look for landing patterns
after it leaves. Measure the size of everything by comparing
various parts to known objects (trees, people, telephone poles,
automobiles, houses, etc.).

If you have a sidearm and see a creature, aim for the forehead
and pull the trigger. They are mortal and they can die. (No one
will prosecute you, even if you kill a government agent or Air
Force pilot dressed up like an EBE). Unzip the suit and see
what's inside.

Until we get some answers, I believe all serious UFO
investigators should carry two essential pieces of hardware: A
good camera with lots of color film, black and white film and
infra-red film, color filters and neutral density filters, and
a large caliber semi-automatic firearm with four or five extra
clips of ammo. A 12-gauge pump with deer slugs would work fine.
It should be something that will penetrate an automobile engine
with ease.

Unless the UFO is surrounded by a force field to vaporize the
slugs, you are going to cause some serious damage to the craft
and its inhabitants. Maybe if we shoot up a few of them, they
(whoever they are) will rethink their game plan.

Don't let anyone or anything take you inside a craft that has
landed. You aren't required to follow. Think and act as the
aggressor rather than as a prisoner. You don't have to give any
of your body parts to anyone if you don't want to. You don't
have to give your planet to anyone if you don't want to. Shoot
first and ask questions later.

"They" seem to want us alive (maybe dead livestock doesn't sell
well where "they" come from). But I have no illusions that
"they" won't shoot back if necessary.

It doesn't matter if you come from Alpha Centauri or Virginia,
you have to explain to someone higher up in the chain of
command why and how you lost a six billion dollar aircraft and
that always looks bad on your next r_sum_. So one of two things
is going to happen: 1) They are going to shoot back, or 2) they
are going to think twice about abducting people with guns.

At this stage of the game I believe we should shoot them down
if they are up and shoot them up if they are down, even if the
craft appears to be on a "harmless" reconnaissance flight. The
more damage you can cause, the better for our side.

If you can capture a crew member, dead or alive, do it. Hit
them with a rock, poke them with a sharp stick or put a bullet
through their head; whatever it takes to do the job. Recover
the carcass, if possible.

Do NOT call the police or any other government agency before
you find out who or what you have bagged and then only if you
feel you can deal with the consequences.

Some UFOs, whether built here or elsewhere, may be unmanned
observation and surveillance craft. Smaller craft are less
likely to carry passengers. Large craft may carry several. Look
for sensors and disable them if possible. Beware of defensive
weapons. Don't touch the craft. If you do not have a weapon,
remain hidden. You should consider all UFOs as hostile and

Always keep an open mind but also keep your eyes peeled for
more obvious hoaxes such as the previous report. Don't try to
find the person who wrote it ; you may find more trouble than
you bargained for.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.