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Fallen Rainbow: Navy downs UFO

Disturbing new reports of downed UFOs and captured aliens, of
cover-ups by federal agencies and harassment of citizens seem
to be increasing worldwide.

Clear Intent: The Government Coverup Of the UFO Experience, by
Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood, details a lot of
evidence for what they term "a massive coverup of UFO data and
even captured UFOs that have either crash landed or been shot
down by the airforce."

One interesting story about a "crashed" UFO in the Pacific
occurred in 1973. A Naval Intelligence officer relates a tale
that , when he was standing the Officer of the Guard at Great
Lakes Naval Center, he was told to take a sealed message to
the Commander inside a highly restricted quonset hut at a
remote part of the base.

He had been told that there was highly top secret material
inside. Normally the OOD would come to the door, but was busy
that night so the NIO was allowed inside.

"As I went to the doorway, where the OOD was, I saw a very
highly unusual craft over to my left. The craft was possibly
thirty to thirty-five feet long, about twelve to fifteen feet
at its thickest part; then it tapered off in the front to a
teardrop shape. I only caught it at an angular view. It
looked like it did not have any seams to it. It had a bluish
tint, but that was only if you looked at it for a few

As the officer turned to leave, he got another look at it. "At
this time," he said, "I had a very good view about halfway,
from the middle of the craft, to the tail section. It tapered
back to a very high edge. It looked as if it had a razor
edge, a razor sharp edge. The bottom went about three
quarters the length of the craft and then angled sharply

The craft sat on what appeared to be a frame made of four by
four wooden blocks, with crossbeams under it, so that it was
sitting one or two feet above the floor.

Later, the Intelligence Officer was in San Diego talking to
some crew members of a destroyer who said that they had shot
down but had not destroyed a UFO with a surface to air missile
while heading from San Diego to Hawaii in 1973. It sank in
about 350 feet of water.

The Glomar Explorer was used to recover the UFO from the sea
floor and it was sent by rail to Chicago. When the crew member
drew a picture of the UFO, it matched perfectly the one seen
by the Intelligence Officer at the Great Lakes Naval Base.

Another interesting incident reported in 1981 by many
newspapers and magazines was the case of three Texas school
teachers who saw a "flaming" flying saucer cruise over their
car in the desert and crash beyond a hill.

Just behind this "flying saucer" was an Army helicopter, which
landed at the crash site. The ladies, all respectable,
reported their sighting to the police. Then, a few days
later, all three of the women lost the hair on their heads!
They had apparently been exposed to some kind of extreme
radiation as the saucer flew overhead.

This particular sighting appears to be another unsuccessful
experimental U.S. military craft.

The most famous UFO crash is the one that occurred at Roswell,
New Mexico, detailed by Charles Berlitz in the book, "The
Roswell Incident."

Many, but not all, UFO stories are deliberate lies and planned
disinformation, particularly those dealing with alien
abductions, implants, space flights to fanciful worlds with
beautiful, blond Germanic knights of the cosmos, sexual
intercourse with ugly little grays, and messages from the star

People are being abducted alright but not by little gray
aliens from distant worlds who have only our best interests at
heart. Most of them are being abducted by their own
imaginations and the greed of their psychiatrists; others by
agencies within the federal bureaucracy conducting chemical
and biological research into cloning, DNA structuring and gene
manipulation, and the development of new deadly diseases and
mass population killers.

If engineers and scientists discovered and perfected the art
of space/time travel with the help of German scientists
kidnapped during and after the Second War (and there is plenty
of evidence to at least suggest that they have), don't you
imagine some time capsule pilot somewhere has been back and
forth into different dimensions more than once or twice? And
don't you imagine that these things crash now and then when
returning from those other dimensions?

If you have any concept at all of what this might mean, you
would understand that UFOs, TLOs, grays, and all the rest have
one and the same origin, namely: they are creations and
experiments by Earth scientists to bend and manipulate space
and time.

These experiments had begun in Germany long before Hitler came
to power, they continued with the experiments aboard the
U.S.S. Eldridge, and they have been refined, refunded and
continue to this day in Australia, America, France, United
Kingdom, Germany, Japan and still-secret laboratories in

There is ample evidence to indicate that the engineers in
these various countries exchange a great deal of information
and data, though probably not all. This would suggest that
most research facilities exploring space travel as time travel
are being financed by the same groups. If you have any clue at
all about what is going on in the secret governments that
really control us, you know who these groups are.

And you will also realize the extreme danger these people pose
to everyone not in their group.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.