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The Intelligence Approach To UFOs

Risking reproach from a number of UFOlogists, I prefer to
begin any analysis of the phenomena with the premise that it
is being orchestrated by governments rather than off-world
beings in fantastic lightships.

That is not to say that we are not being visited now or will
not be visited in the future. I simply have seen no concrete
evidence of it and, until I do, I will continue to believe
first that the military and particularly the intelligence
agencies are behind much of the UFO phenomena. They have the
money and the motives to both create the hoax and to keep it
going for years.

Despite revealing videos such as that produced by Mr. Lazar,
we still don't have any proof that the USAF or CIA has
sequestered alien disks at S4 or anywhere else. Much to Mr.
Lazar's credit, he acknowledges the fact that he has no
solid proof to substantiate his claims that he worked on
alien disks for the government.

As badly as I want to believe the drawings in the video
represented alien craft, I fear I cannot simply because I
found nothing during the presentation to explain how the
saucers operate while in Earth's atmosphere or why they
appear as extremely bright balls of light when floating over
our cities or preparing to land in our meadows.

According to Mr. Lazar, the saucer should appear as
something similar to a comet standing on its tail until it
becomes fully energized, at which time it should become
invisible as it jumps into another dimension or star cluster
such as Zeta Reticuli or Proxima Centauri or even to the
dark side of the moon. All that is wonderful narrative but
it doesn't tell us what glowing balls of light are flying
the skies of this planet.

Until someone can answer those questions, I'll continue to
examine the UFO phenomena primarily as secret US
reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft. Until someone
kills a real alien and lays its cadaver on my doorstep, I
will continue to believe "Grey Aliens" are USAF or CIA
personnel dressed up in funny costumes. I will continue to
believe that our comrades are being abducted and murdered by
government agencies. I will continue to believe that
telepathic contact experiments are being conducted by the
same government agencies.

If "grey aliens" are not humans in costumes, they are at
least darklings built by human DNA tinkerers in some of
those secret underground laboratories.

I have a great deal of trouble accepting the story that
aliens have been conducting genetic experiments on humankind
for 10,000 years. That would suggest that we are really
little more than their livestock, that they actually "own"
us, just as we believe we "own" beasts of the field and fish
of the seas and birds of the air.

It also suggests they have an extremely long attention span
unless they are moving through time and aren't really "going

We tag sea turtles in the North Atlantic and track them by
satellite to see which way they go. We tag birds and fish
and elephants to follow their migrations. Are we supposed to
believe creatures from Zeta Reticuli are doing the same to

Friends! Why would beings who can travel sixty-six zillion
light years through space and time in any direction at any
time want to concern themselves with something as stupid and
boring as tagging and following the migration and sexual
behavior of humans (who would be the equivalent of primeval
slugs to them)? What is the point?

To capture, examine, impregnate and tag human females to
carry their cross-bred children? If they are as wonderful
and advanced as some say, they should be able to grow their
children in canning jars on their own planet!

To cultivate us as food? If they are twenty billion years
more advanced than we, why haven't they figured out how to
grow synthetic protein in culture dishes in their own labs
on their own planet in their own star cluster?

If we are nothing more than experiments of an advanced race
of beings, no more than bacteria on a cosmic glass slide,
that means there is no God, no law, no rules, no leaders, no
followers. It means anyone should be able to load a gun and
kill anyone or anything and no one should have to worry
about it or suffer for it.

There should be no trials or punishment for "crimes" because
the concept of crime and punishment would be null and void
if we belong to funny-looking grey creatures from Zeta

If we have no more rights than a common housefly, then we'll
have to do away with ownership of property as well.

If we believe that, we'll have to do away with governments
and public minions, dismantle the military and let anarchy
reign supreme, laying about in slovenly disgrace until one
of the owners comes round to lop off an arm or leg for
dinner or grind us into sausage and stir us up in a big vat
somewhere in Nevada, USA.

But wait! Why would creatures who can jump from Earth to
Zeta Reticuli in a heartbeat keep their food supply in
Nevada? Why don't they take it with them?

If you were able to jump from one town to another or one
state to another by thinking it, and you wanted to paint a
house in, say, Texas; would you keep the paint bucket in New
York and jump back and forth every time you had to load the
brush just because you could jump back and forth?

If you could jump to the grocery store, would you jump forty
times to buy forty items or would you get everything in one
jump so you wouldn't have to bother?

People! That's why we have refrigerators and pantries! So we
don't have to get in the car (flying saucer) and drive to
the store (Nevada) every day!

I can't believe we're more intelligent than our grey owners!
They must be humiliated.

But if all this nonsense is being orchestrated by an agency
of Earthlings who want you to believe in UFOs and
funny-looking grey aliens, then it all makes sense, doesn't

They don't take hostages to Zeta Reticuli because they can't
get there. Yet! Their medical instruments and surgical
techniques are identical to ours because they are ours!

Humans are being abducted for medical experiments. Humans
are being contacted telepathically to sort out the espers.
Human females are carrying the seeds of a future race of
cosmonauts. They may be producing embryos which are sent
into space aboard the shuttle to see if they live or die in
a weightless environment, the evidence of which will be
applied to the technology of future manned excursions to the
planets of this solar system and beyond.

Lab rats simply won't provide the needed information, you

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