Mind Control
Subliminal transmissions used during Gulf War.

Most Americans had the opportunity to watch the live briefings
of the Persian Gulf war on CNN. Live briefings, to the astute
listener, nearly always disclose revealing information that
later will be edited out.

A CNN reporter said that he had just returned from Kuwait where
he had travelled with an American patrol. They had observed a
patrol of about thirty Iraqis some distance away and the
Americans were wondering how they would get them to surrender.

A U.S. helicopter suddenly appeared and flew over the Iraqi
patrol, and by the time the helicopter had reached the next sand
dune, they had surrendered.

This is very unusual because these were the same Iraqis who
waged unrelenting Holy War against Iran for eight years.

Later, as the land battle was winding down, a BBC reporter asked
about American plans to get the Iraqi soldiers out of the deep,
well-fortified bunkers built by the Germans.

General Neil started to say, "We bring in the psychological...

He then broke his sentence with a cough, apparently having
caught himself saying something he shouldn't reveal. When he
stopped coughing, he said the Army flew in with PA helicopters
and "talked them out."

It seems apparent that the General had made a mistake and had to
cover up something like: "psychological warfare broadcasting
helicopters" with "PA helicopters."

Even after massive pin-point air bombardment, the Iraqis were
still alive and well protected in the bunkers. They had
electricity, entertainment and enough food and water to last for
about six months. They also had equipment to tunnel out if prime
entrances were blocked.

That these fanatic soldiers would have surrendered under the
slight threat of PA system helicopters is absurd and, knowing of
the mind control experiments being conducted by the U.S.
military and intelligence agencies, it seems reasonable to
assume that mind control or subliminal transmissions were used
to coax the Iraqis to surrender en masse, so many, in fact,
that coalition forces were hard-pressed to house, feed and guard


While the Phoenix Project was investigating weather and the use
of radiosondes, Project Rainbow resurfaced in 1947 or 1948.
Project Rainbow (The Philadelphia Experiment) was funded to
continue research into the phenomena encountered on the USS
Eldridge. This project was concerned with the electromagnetic

Dr. John von Neumann and his research team, loaned to the
Manhattan Project during the Second War, were called back and
put to work on a new agenda. It was similar to Rainbow but had
a different goal. They were to find out how to protect humans
within an electromagnetic field so vessels and crews could be
transported through space and time without harm to either or

By the early 1950's, Project Rainbow and the radiosonde weather
project were included under the same funding and "Phoenix
Project" was used as a cover title to refer to all of these
"black" activities.

Dr. von Neumann, a mathematician and theoretical physicist who
came from Germany, was placed in charge of Phoenix. He was
noted for his advanced concepts of space and time. He originated
and built the first vacuum tube computer at Princeton
University, where he served as the head of the Institute for
Advanced Study. He had the ability to apply advanced theories to
technology and, because of these qualifications, he could easily
communicate with Einstein and acted as liaison between him and
engineers serving on the project.

Von Neumann quickly learned that he was going to have to study
metaphysics; to understand the metaphysical side of man. The
Rainbow experiment had disassembled the physical and biological
structure of human beings. Crew members had melded with
bulkheads and changed beyond recognition. Those who had survived
were quite mad or died later from madness and some strange
internal burning.

Project engineers and scientists spent nearly ten years working
out why human beings had troubles with electromagnetic fields
that lofted them through different times and spaces. It now
appears they discovered that humans are born with what is known
as a "time reference" point. At conception, an energy being
(human) is attached to a time line and must begin life manifest
as flesh from that point. To understand this, it is necessary
to view the "energy being" or soul as completely different from
the physical body.

Our references as both a physical and metaphysical being appears
to have origin in the time reference residing within the
electromagnetic background of Earth. This time reference is the
basic orientation point to the way the universe operates. Time,
in the normal context, appears always to flow in one
direction_forward_at least to our limited senses.

But the Rainbow technology apparently creates an alternate
reality having its existence entirely within the quantum field,
literally transferring material objects out of our "normal" time
and space. This accounts for the light-invisibility of the USS
Eldridge and her crew.

The alternate reality created by the shift has no time
references because it is not part of the normal forward flow of
time. For the person who was experiencing the phenomenon
uninstructed, it would be like having an intense and enduring
nightmare wherein nothing makes any sense.

So Phoenix engineers were faced with solving the problem of
letting human test subjects get into and out of the quantum
field without harm by somehow connecting them to the time
reference they could recognize as the planet Earth. This meant
that when they were in the alternate reality, they had to be
equipped mentally with something that would give them a "real
time" reference.

Engineers solved this by feeding in all the required natural
background information of the Earth to convince test subjects of
a continuous stream real earth time reference so they would not
experience trans-dimensional disorders. Test subjects would
believe they were still in Earth "real-time."

Dr. von Neumann was the ideal Director for the Phoenix Projects.
He knew computers would have to be used if they were going to
calculate the time references of specific people and replicate
those references while they were in the quantum field, otherwise
the test subjects would be experiencing essentially "no
reality" or a continuous nightmare reality at best.

The computer had to be programmed to generate an electromagnetic
background with which the test subjects could synchronize. If
not done, the soul and the physical body time and space
reference points would be out of sync, resulting in dissolution
and insanity or inability to return to Earth real time.

Because they were dealing with two separate and distinct
entities_the spiritual human and the physical human_the time
reference would be required to lock in the spirit and the
electromagnetic background would be required to lock in the
body. The technology, begun in 1948, was apparently fully
developed by 1967, during the height of the Vietnam conflict.

When the project's first phase was complete, a report was
submitted to the Congressional committee from which funds had
been appropriated. Congressional members were told that the
consciousness of man could definitely be affected by
electromagnetism and, additionally, that it would be possible to
develop electronic hardware and software that could literally
change the way a person thinks about anything and everything.

The committee, fearing they would be first on the list of new
test subjects, refused to refinance and Project Phoenix was
disbanded in 1969.

But the scientists and engineers at Brookhaven had spent too
much time, effort and money on Phoenix to just scrap it and walk
away. Their empire was in place, the technology was secure, and
the engineers were looking for a mission. What they needed was
funding from a secret agency to continue with the mind control
experiments. The military seemed the most logical source.

When told a device had been developed that would alter the way
people_and particularly soldiers_ would think and act, military
pundits were beside themselves with joy. Such a device could not
only change the outcome of a battle already begun, it might be
used to convince entire populations that war is not only
unnecessary, but completely impossible. Or that total war was
the only solution to a political crisis.

Phoenix had found its mission.

SPINAL TAP: The intelligence community discovers mind control

Exploration into telepathy, teleportation, transportation,
levitation and tentative excursions backward and forward in time
has continued almost without cease from 1943 until the present
time. The results of the experiments aboard the USS Eldridge,
disastrous as they might have been at the time, provided fuel
and data for a series of programs and black projects that now
consumes a great portion of America's defense budgets.

Scientists and engineers learned how to alter and direct
weather, how to create storms or to vanquish natural storms by
tapping into the planet's orgone energy and turning it on or off
at will. This series, under the title of Project Phoenix, would
later absorb Project Rainbow and others, and the entire
curriculum would be known as Phoenix.

One facet of the Phoenix Project was intense research into
various areas of paranormal activity, particularly telepathy.
The military was well aware that the Soviets were involved in
paranormal research, and they knew that if sensitive espers
could be found who possessed skills or powers strong enough to
nullify Soviet espers or even overpower them, America might have
an incredible super-weapon with whom they could defeat any foe,
military or civilian.

When Congress refused to refinance Phoenix and disbanded the
group, they had no idea some zealous scientists would seek
support elsewhere. When scientists approached the military and
told them what they had accomplished and what could be developed
from the research, facilities were eagerly prepared, equipment
purchased and millions of dollars began to appear from more
than one unknown source. By 1970 the Brookhaven group as well as
several elite universities worldwide were deeply involved in
paranormal research. Some of these splinter projects involved
use of drugs and hallucinogens; others not. Some experiments
were conducted using electromagnetic fields. A few purists
tapped only the mind-power of their test subjects (whom they
considered "expendables").

Investigation quickly revealed that telepathic waves, while not
radio waves, behaved similar to radio waves and could,
therefore, be controlled, modulated and directed with the use of
proper equipment. Scientists were elated. They had discovered
(or rediscovered) electromagnetic functions unlike anything ever
reported in scientific journals and textbooks. They were on the
verge of wholly new discoveries in human mind power.

Because the projects were funded by and controlled by the
military and federal intelligence agencies, the data gathered
was delivered to them and filed away in war rooms and at secret
military bases. The general public, by and large, was wholly
unaware of these insidious mind-probing activities.

Out of early research came the revelation that certain radio
frequencies in the 410-420 MHz range could effectively block
human thought patterns, leaving test subjects unable to perform
their tasks. Unknown to the researchers and test subjects at the
time, the military had established a secret base on the east
coast and was using a jamming device in the form of a modified
radar antenna that, for 14 years, from 1970 until about 1984,
beamed thought altering electromagnetic frequencies toward
thousands of Americans in dozens of New England communities.

These thought altering waves would cause crowds to gather and
then suddenly disperse in bewilderment; cause an increase in
crime, including murder, in areas receiving the frequencies,
and stimulated increased delinquency and rebellion among
teenagers. When the signals were turned off, these communities
would return to normal. The body snatchers had arrived!

When the base was suddenly abandoned in 1983 or 1984, the former
residents left behind nearly all their equipment, papers and
military orders. Military transfer orders discovered by other
researchers were complete and accurate in every detail, except
that some had large words scrawled across them: GONE!

This odd defacing of official government orders could not be
explained until further investigation revealed what intelligence
agencies had paid for at the secret base. They had been sending
their test subjects, all males, some military, some civilians,
back and forth through time!

Espers found the base surrounded with unusual vibrations and
images; remnants of unusual weather patterns, mind control and
beings that had been created from the ether out of the thoughts
of test subjects. The investigators were certain something
remarkable had happened at the facility and set out to
discovered what it was. Their focal starting point was the
premise that everyone on the base had vanished at nearly the
same time, perhaps the same day, and that they had no time to
actually shut down the base or decommission it officially. In
fact, the base did not officially exist.

Except that it was in a state of general disarray when they
arrived, investigators found materials, machines, supplies,
reports, buildings and support gear in place as if the base
might still be operational. But all the people were gone.
Without a trace.

Citizens in nearby cities revealed that while the base was
operating strange things, other than increase in crime and
delinquency, had happened. Large groups of animals would
suddenly charge into town and crash through windows. It snowed
in August. Hurricane force winds suddenly came from nowhere and
as quickly subsided. Thunderstorms, lightning and hail would
appear and vanish when no meteorological indications of such
violent storms were present.

In 1947, federal agencies in America began an extensive research
project into the specific control of weather. This was the
original Phoenix project and was developed from data provided
earlier by Austrian scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Most of his
research data was burned by the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration and is no longer available for general reading.

Dr. Reich was best known for his discovery of a force he called
"orgone" energy, orgasmic or life energy, the existence of which
he proved in his lab. While this discovery in itself, associated
with the Newtonian concept of "the ether," was not earth-
shaking, he soon ran afoul of the medical authorities when he
claimed his control of the life energy, the wave-form nature of
the cosmic ether, cured cancer. In 1940s America, such a
proclamation was certain to be a decree of professional suicide.

Still, Reich found practical uses for his wave-form energy to
control and modify weather by modulating the amount of "orgone"
within a storm. Varying amounts of orgone were found to reside
in biological organisms as well as in every square inch of
cosmic space. By using electromagnetic force fields, Reich was
ultimately able to reduce the violence of natural storms, a feat
he promptly and foolishly reported to the government.

But the government had been closely following Dr. Reich's
experiments and already knew what he could do. They asked for,
and received, all his prototype equipment and research papers
and quickly used the information to advance their own weather

This research combined the radio meteorograph, a balloon lofted
weather monitor, with Reich's "orgone buster" and produced the
devices now known as radiosondes. In the 1950s, radiosondes were
lofted by balloon into the atmosphere at the rates of about 200
per day. Despite the government's cover story that the
radiosondes were lofted to gather weather data, no receivers for
the transmitters aboard have ever been discovered and the
government was able, through a chain of disinformation, to
preserve the secrecy of the weather altering devices for over
forty years.

Even if radiosondes were used to nullify violent storms on the
eastern seaboard, the potential exists to use them to actually
create violent storms and to direct them toward specific
targets, communities and factories or military bases, which
research has been reported in the former Soviet Union for about
thirty years.

According to investigators who have pursued weather control,the
joint RAFB/USAFB Woodbridge-Bentwaters, just north of London,
England, was partially destroyed by a man-made storm. Huge
tracts of lovely forest on and around the base were literally
pulled out by the roots during a sudden, violent, localized
storm of great intensity, a disaster which is lamented by
citizens from nearby communities to this day.

Research into mind control produces some dangerous and
unexpected results: TIME-TRIPPING!

Of all the mind-control experiments conducted in the 1970s and
1980s, those of the Phoenix Project produced some of the most
bizarre and unexpected results. While they were primarily
interested in altering the moods and behavior of test subjects,
scientists at Phoenix quickly learned that they could beam
specific controlled frequencies to produce specific mood changes
and thought patterns.

Once they had learned this, they beamed those frequencies all
over the New England area to see how they could alter the
thoughts of local citizens. Those tests produced the results
already discussed.

Test subjects were bombarded with many different pulse rates and
widths as scientists tried to determine which pulses made the
person cry, laugh, sleep, violent, etc. They discovered that
when the equipment was operating, the mood of everyone at the
facility would change.

From this they concluded that the person did not have to be in
the direct path of the beamed frequencies to be affected by the
mind control pulses. Their newly found weapon of RF power gave
them a virtual doorway to the human mind! Next on the agenda was
to discover what was inside and how they could alter it

Unfortunately, several people died of massive brain damage
during the early tests when exposed to long periods of intense
pulses of microwave energy. After this problem was solved, the
scientists began compiling a data base of pulses and frequencies
that produced the results they were looking for and, by 1972,
had developed a non-burning, non-lethal technology and began
using it almost continually on military personnel and nearby

A natural outcome of these experiments was changing the
frequencies to see which produced the best results. From these
rapid and random frequency change tests there emerged the first
useful ideas and mechanics of time-tripping which would be used
later to purposefully send test subjects out of this time/space

By about 1975, shortly after cessation of hostilities in
Vietnam, the Phoenix Project was in full swing with computers, a
comprehensive data base covering a broad range of cause and
effect, and all the new, powerful transmitters they required to
begin beaming their subliminal transmissions over a large area
of the American Northeast.

This pulse, when it can be heard above local noise, sounds like
a diesel engine running at idle about a mile away and is just at
the low end of human hearing. In some areas, a pulse attributed
to Soviet experiments is at a very low frequency and sounds like
a "woodpecker" at the 5Hz to 8Hz range on shortwave radios. This
low pulse has been detected from Taos, New Mexico to the
Seattle, Washington area and, most recently, in the New England

New technology almost always produces unimagined side-effects
and Phoenix was no exception. When directed at automobiles,
certain pulses could cause engines to stop running and
electrical instruments to malfunction. Even animals could be
agitated to do strange things. So the scientists had not only a
machine that could disable automobiles and machines of war, they
had, by the early 1980s, built and programmed a device that
would allow them access to the human mind and complete thought
control over every citizen of the world. They could turn us on
and off like lights, but further research was required to
determine which switches needed to be on and in what order to
produce the desired effect on a mass scale.

Help was already available and funds were pouring in from
private and secret sources. Phoenix had a wealth of supporters,
all of whom expected to reap great financial rewards from the
new mind-control technology. Some contributors would gain from
the manufacture and sale of the hardware and software; some
would gain from sale of machines to the military; others would
gain by programming consumers to purchase their advertised
products and services. Apparently no one stopped to think of
those who were going to lose: the people_those into whose minds
the programs would be fed.

But the most important discovery was just around the corner.
While they were refining the mind-reading/thought control
research, the scientists would stumble onto time-tripping .

Facilities were expanded, equipment upgraded, new Cray computers
fed with synthetic human blood were installed to decode the
messages returning from the brains of test subjects and
translators were placed into the loop to convert the electrical
signals into actual pictures which could be displayed on
television monitors.

The engineers, funded by some of the largest communications
companies in the world, were able from that time to listen, read
and watch the thoughts of their test subjects! They could hear
and see what was going on inside their minds. They could join in
conversations and record running dialogues. They could vary
pulses to change the test subject's mood and actually see what
the effect produced.

After refinements, the translator was changed into a
transmitter; that is, the thoughts of the subject, instead of
being merely recorded into a data base, were going to be
transmitted to other test subjects who were conducting time-
tripping experiments to give them a "real time" reference to
present time Earth. This reference was found to be necessary so
time-trippers would not become disoriented and lost in the
quantum field which might produce images vastly different from
those the test subjects recently left.

But the "dreamers" or "scanners" could not always lock onto
images and hold them for long periods of time and several time-
trippers were lost before the "real time" images were converted
to computer images that could be locked on for indefinite

It was at this point and with the aid of the Cray and IBM
computers and the new "virtual reality" imaging technology that
time-tripping became possible without the dangers inherent in
the earlier systems which used human scanners who were unable to
generate continuous images to those travelling through the
quantum field.

Theoretically, time moves in one direction only: forward. There
are, however, very subtle shifts in time that most people cannot
detect and of which only very astute and sensitive people are
aware. One of these subtle shifts is the phenomena of deja vu or
"second view." Another is precognition or viewing events in
another time before they happen in this time.

I experience these episodes so often that I don't even consider
them unusual anymore. They are, as far as I can determine, good
evidence that some people have existed in more than one time in
the same lifetime and that the friends we gather here are
gathered there as well. I suspect this construct would be a
parallel universe since things there are as familiar as they are
here, however, I am not certain in which of the realities the
events actually occur first.

Once the time shifts and scan lock problems had been solved with
computers, the scientists could conjure up a "pseudo-time" that
would tie the time travellers to an Earth reality. This would
keep them from getting lost and allow them to find their way
back through the quantum field vortex being generated at the

But, because the computers could now generate images that
appeared real and solid, the scientists realized they could
project or broadcast them and cause people outside the facility
to believe they were actually seeing creatures and machines
interacting with them. These images were particularly apparent
to people who had more than normal sensory perception and,
because many of those people report what they think they see,
the scientists have been able to compile a small list of
potential receptors (espers) who generally incorrectly translate
the images and pass them on to non-sensitive people.

This mind control through intermediaries (the espers) has been
actively conducted since about 1975 or 1976 and accounts for
almost all reports of alien abduction other than those incidents
attributed to actual abduction by military or federal
intelligence agencies for medical or psychological research.

The early tests, under the cover title of "The Seeing Eye" were
conducted to determine how easily espers linked with computer-
generated virtual images could influence the general population.
The scanner or "Scannate" projects were born of this new
technology and were employed by several different intelligence
agencies during the cold war to find submarines, troop staging
areas and underground facilities of the enemy. Some of them
continue even now at secret bases in American western states.

The only purpose of the new technology being directed at
American citizens is to load thoughts into their minds to make
them do things they would not ordinarily do, including murder,
suicide, madness, or purchasing items they do not want and
cannot use.

By 1984, as predicted by George Orwell, Big Brother was inside
your head and you didn't even know it.

SPACE ENOUGH AND TIME The first test subjects go through the

After the electromagnetic fields and computer-generated images
were refined and perfected, the Phoenix Project scientists began
conducting a series of comprehensive tests to determine how
effective their subliminal transmission were on the general

By 1980 they were transmitting mental images of hairy anthropoid
creatures, flying saucers and grey aliens across a large area of
North America. All the while they compiled vast data bases and
continuously altered frequencies and programs.

Other departments were creating storms and hurricanes and
causing floods and blizzards as they perfected their weather
machines to be used (they claimed) as weapons of war. We wonder,
since Americans became the test subjects, against whom they
intended to wage this unholy war? Most certainly from 1980 until
the present time, this war has been waged against Americans.

The first hint of something new and exciting came early in 1980
when someone observed that an artificial event occurred before
it was transmitted, and others were observed hours or days after
they were broadcast. These astounding observations led the
scientists and engineers to conclude that the broadcasts were
getting lost in time and were being shifted or re-broadcast
sooner or later than they should have been.

Further investigation revealed that time shifting was, indeed,
occurring. By reconstructing the events and tracing the cause of
the shift, they were ultimately able to isolate and control the
moment and duration of the shift. They had, by accident,
discovered how to manipulate or "bend" time.

Because their present equipment was barely adequate to fulfill
the requirements of the time shifting, they requested and
obtained new and more powerful electronic devices, most of which
were installed and operational by 1981. By surrounding their
test subjects with powerful electromagnetic fields, they were
able to create the effect produced aboard the USS Eldridge but
with a great deal more control.

They had found the portal into the quantum field and began
tentatively to explore it, discovering in rapid succession, null
time in which all things material and ethereal exists at one and
the same moment in all planes as "being" before the creation of
the manifest cosmos; negative time (past); present time;
positive time (future) and proof of parallel universes also
having their own past, present and future times! It was into
this vast unknown quantum field the scientists intended to
project their test subjects.

Immediately there were problems. People vanished and were never
retrieved from the vortex. They appeared to have fallen into the
rabbit hole and not found their way out again. It was from these
calamities that the computer-generated links were devised. These
"real time" links would serve as a lifeline for the time
trippers, allowing them to find the portals so they could return
to present earth time and space. It established a "zero time" or
beginning and ending reference for the travellers.

During the early phase of this refinement, and because they
worried about losing their trained psychics, it became routine
to take homeless people from the alleys and project them into
the vortex. If they were lost no one would even miss them. If
they returned, they were forced to relate their adventures and
then they were projected into the vortex again for additional
tests. When they outlived their usefulness or if the scientists
feared they might remember what happened and tell someone else,
they were projected in and the computer links were shut down.
Hundreds of people may have been lost in this manner.

Once the zero time and the image links were perfected and
programmed into the computers, the human psychics in the loop
were deemed unnecessary and they were taken out, primarily
because they were unable to consistently lock in the real time
images required to maintain the link between this time and
"other" time. The project was now totally controlled by vast
electromagnetic generators and computers.

Most of the base personnel_those who had not succumbed to the
project_had been transferred to other assignments. New crews
arrived to guard and maintain the base. Civilian cadres were
down-sized and many of the psychics were cut loose. Many of
them simply disappeared.

Between 1981 and 1983 a large number of successful, if mostly
tentative, excursions had been made forward and backward through
time in parallel and alternate universes as well as projections
back and forth in earth time. During the trips back into earth
time, a number of significant historic political events were
altered. They explored the vortex in Earth's past and future,
sampling air and water and observing the evolution of society
and the loss of natural resources, altering those events that
would have caused natural or man-made disasters in the future.
These alterations have bent the earth's time line and forced it
out of its original direction and chronology. Those of us living
since 1983 are not the people we would have become had not the
time-trippers altered our time/space.

Because the transmitter could be tuned to any point or time,
travellers were often projected into parallel universes and into
past, present and future time. The vortex was described by test
subjects as being a twisted tunnel, brightly lit and having
branches and side tunnels. They described their trips, their
missions and their return trips.

It is interesting to note that, while hours or even months might
pass while they were performing tasks in the alternate or
parallel time, the trippers almost always returned to the exact
moment they left Earth's real time. To the casual observer, they
would have appeared not to have gone anywhere at all!

"There was not," claimed one scientist, "more than a slight
bending of light rays to indicate the test jumpers had gone into
the vortex. They reappeared, after having performed tasks for
weeks, in the next second."

The project, sophisticated as it was by 1983, was not without
danger. More than one tripper was abandoned in the vortex when
power fluctuated or was lost. Still, both volunteers and
conscripts, all males between the ages of 16 and 24 years, and
in the total number of perhaps ten thousand, were being lofted
into the vortex on a daily basis, many of them equipped with
transmitting devises that could send messages and images back to
the test facility, and many others with mining and survival
equipment. A large number of these trippers did not return to
present day earth and it is to be assumed that theirs was a one-
way mission through time. They were not expected to return and,
indeed, must have agreed not to.

From this revelation, many are led to conclude that the trippers
were sent through the vortex to terraform a distant planet or,
perhaps, to colonize a near celestial body such as the moon or

Several sources have indicated that manned landings were made on
Mars as early as 1962 and there is some evidence to suggest that
the first large group of colonists were lofted to the Martian
and lunar surfaces by the Brookhaven group using their
time/space bending technology. Something is certainly going on
up there!

To understand time, one must remember that "time" as a thing
does not actually exist. "Time" is the orderly progression of
events occurring only in the mind of the observer and only
within the limits of the particular universe in which they are
manifest. These same (or similar) events may also occur at the
same moment in a parallel universe. If the observer was
projected suddenly into the parallel universe, he might not even
be aware that a shift had occurred, except that he might
experience some vertigo or an episode of deja vu. Generally
these episodes are nullified with a shake of the head or a shrug
of the shoulders.

The observer appears to be in his own real time and continues
with his life as if he were. He is totally unaware that a time
shift occurred or that he was momentarily in the vortex. These
sudden and unexplained shifts may have no direct impact on one's
future. On the other hand, they may have profound effects on all
of humankind, for the act of changing the time line of a single
person is tantamount to changing everyone's time line. The
alternate future, once established, becomes fixed until or
unless someone goes into the vortex to tamper with it again.

Because the time line has already been altered, first
accidentally with the Philadelphia Experiment and then
purposefully during the Phoenix Project, we find ourselves in a
time lock in which everything appears to be progressing normally
but is, in fact, progressing through altered time. Events are
getting away from us. Our control over normal chores diminishes.
Events occur for which there are no logical answers. The weather
has gone haywire. People have gone mad and the prisons are full
to overflowing. We've jumped sideways and are having trouble
finding our way back to 1943.

Those who time-travelled to the future came back predicting the
year 2000 as the beginning of the end time. Those who went
farther found only desolation. What do they know that we don't?

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