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Roswell: Another Point Of View.

German V-1 and V-2 launches from desert bases after WWII. Two
key people were on hand to recover the debris from the Roswell
saucer crash site: the base intelligence officer and a member
of the Counter Intelligence Corps. They directed the recovery
of the debris, which consumed a good part of the following day,
and loaded the pieces into two vehicles. The debris was taken
to Roswell AAF for disposition. At about the same time, 100
miles away, Grady Barnett found what he believed to be a
crashed saucer. Nearby were four small dead bodies. They had
frail limbs and large heads with big, slanted eyes. According
to Barnett, their bodies were encased in tight, one-piece, grey
suits with no visible fasteners. Again, the military was quick
to arrive. All witnesses were ushered away and ordered not to
speak of the event. On June 8, 1947, six days after the first
event (all the debris may have been from the same vehicle), a
press release approved by Lt. W. Haut, announced that saucer
debris had been recovered by the 509th Bomb Group. The debris
from both finds was loaded aboard a B-29 and flown to Carswell
AFB in Fort Worth, Texas where it was announced that it was
nothing more than the remains of a standard weather balloon.

We are supposed to believe it took military intelligence
officers an entire week to determine that the debris was from a
weather balloon, an object any alert E-1 could have identified
in about 30 seconds. Since most officers do not scrub about
pastures recovering debris from fallen objects, it must be
assumed some enlisted men were on hand for the task. Dozens, if
not all, could have identified the object as a weather balloon
if it was, indeed, a weather balloon.

But if not a weather balloon, what was it? Let's eliminate the
two least likely possibilities: weather balloon and alien space
craft, and concentrate on discovering what the 509th might have
carried away from the pastures in 1947.

To find an answer, we must return to the period near the end of
World War Two and Nazi Germany. German engineers and
technicians had produced the only operational jet bomber, the
Arado 234, during the war. Additionally, Willie Messerschmitt
had designed, tested and produced both the Me 262 twin-jet
fighter bomber and the Me 163 rocket plane. Each of the latter
planes was hundreds of miles per hour faster than anything the
Allies had at the time. The Me 262 was powered by two very
advanced Jumo axial flow jet engines. The Me 163 was powered by
a rocket motor using hypergolic fuels. But most bizarre was
the disclosure that the BMW plant in Prague had built a
prototype advanced jet powered saucer shaped aircraft with a
diameter of 140 feet. Completed in 1944, this radical aircraft
was flying by February, 1945 and was destroyed with its
blueprints when it became apparent it would soon fall into the
hands of the Allies. British and U.S. intelligence reports
confirm the existence of this real "Flying saucer."

Cessation of hostilities between the waring countries and the
knowledge that Germany might have won the war by pure technical
skill had not the Allies overwhelmed it with an endless supply
of expendable hardware and manpower, was the impetus that
prompted U.S., British, French and Russian scientists,
politicians and military leaders to develop weapons equal to or
better than those that had nearly destroyed half the civilized

Before the war was even declared at an end, U.S. intelligence
agencies were scouring the countryside trying to locate as many
German scientists and engineers and their hardware as they
could before the Russians or British found them.

By mid 1947, Arthur Rudolph, director of the Dora-Nordhausen
rocket projects, and hundreds of former Nazis and members of
the SS were safely settled in dusty desert towns in southern
Texas where they began reassembling a few V-2 rockets from
hundreds of crates transported from Germany. Rudolph would go
on to create the Saturn V booster that would put an American
astronaut on the moon. Conveniently forgotten were the 80
million souls for whose deaths Rudolph had to share

The American public, by and large, was unaware that these
former Nazis were here or that their weapons would soon be
launched from American soil, because the German teams had been
literally smuggled into the country illegally and in secrecy by
the military!

White Sands Missile Test Center was just down the road a piece.
Los Alamos was not far away. Roswell AAF was north, across the
state border. When pieces of strange, unidentifiable objects
began raining from the desert skies, it is no wonder that
uninformed officers at Roswell's 509th thought they had
discovered something "not made on this planet." But when
knowledgeable people heard of the incident through the media
reports and frantic telephone calls, they would have clamped a
lid on the find. The exotic materials found at both sites may
have been pieces of a German-now-American V-2 tactical
ballistic rocket gone astray!

The pieces, after all, went to Carswell AAF in Texas, probably
close to where they had been fired if the reports are correct.
There would have been no need to send the debris to Wright
Patterson Air Force Base for identification. Compromise of the
classified projects and disclosure that Former Nazi officers
were responsible would have created a political disaster,
hence, the weather balloon story was released to pacify the
American public. America and Russia, who had kidnapped and
confiscated the lion's share of German engineers and hardware,
lost no time developing advanced aircraft and missiles of their
own. Many of the early marks were bolt-for-bolt replicas of
German operational aircraft. The North American F-86 Sabre, so
famous during the Korean War, was developed directly from
German technology, the prototype flying on October 1, 1947.

Two weeks later, on October 14, 1947, Captain Chuck Yeager
broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. A series of stunning
and incredible flights followed with the X-planes leading the
way toward the edge of space. By 1958 the first North American
X-15 was rolled out and by June, 1960, an X-15, powered by a
Viking Rocket XLR-99 engine producing 57,000 pounds of thrust,
reached an altitude of 59.6 miles_the very threshold of space
itself_at a speed of 4,000 miles per hour. In 1964, the X-15
Number 2, designated A-2, established an absolute speed record
of 4,520 miles per hour. The next series of tests were to be
conducted with exoatmosphere orbital planes but the project was
cancelled before the planes could be developed. Exoatmosphere
planes were not a new concept. At least not to the German
engineers. During the Second World War, German engineer Eugene
S_nger had proposed and drawn up the plans for a massive
sub-orbital "Skip Bomber" that, if produced, would have entered
the edge of space, re-entered on a flat trajectory, and skipped
across oceans of air and water until it fell to earth over
North America. It would have carried a nuclear warhead.

America's "Skip" planes should have led the way to reusable
aircraft that could have taken off from the ground (rather than
being carried aloft under the wing of a B-52), flown into space
and returned to the same airfield to refuel and take more
passengers into space. Scott Crossfield, who helped develop
the X-15 and was its chief pilot for a number of flights,
recently stated that if the exoatmosphere tests had proceeded,
America would have been in space with a reusable aircraft years
ago. But the Space Shuttle program was developed (by the same
German scientists) and the orbital planes were all but
forgotten along with the daring pilots who paved the way for a
new generation of astronauts who would take man's first
tentative steps on another planet of the solar system.

Rocket scientists Werner von Braun and Willy Ley both worked on
America's space program at Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal. Their
efforts put Americans on the moon. It is interesting to note
that the period during the development, testing and evaluation
of the X-planes, from 1947 to 1959, was also the period when
most UFO sightings were reported. Unidentified Flying Object
reports dropped dramatically from a high of 1,501 in 1952 to
only 167 during the last six months of 1959. Of the 173
official reports filed in the first six months of 1960, only
three were classified as "Unidentified."

During the entire Blue Book reporting period from 1947 to 1960,
the number of unidentified sightings averaged only about 2%, or
130 out of a total of 6,523 reported sightings. A number of the
unidentified sightings were classified as "Lights In The Sky."
Lights in the sky can include such phenomena as ball lightning,
swamp gas, earthquake lights, meteors, plasma, stars, planets,
aircraft lights, jet or rocket exhaust, sun-dogs and a host of
other odd known or unknown effects. "Nuts and Bolts" sightings
include aircraft, rockets or other tangible man-made artifacts,
or unidentified or unknown aerial cars. "Sightings" are
generally defined as observations of unknown craft at a
distance greater than 500 feet where the craft does not touch
the ground, does not affect the environment and does not alarm
nearby animals.

"Encounters" fall into three categories:

The First Kind: UFO is seen within 500 feet but does not touch
the ground or affect the environment or nearby animals.
The Second Kind: UFO is seen within 500 feet and touches the
ground, affecting the environment by flattening or scorching
vegetation and/or alarming nearby animals. The Third Kind:
Occupants are seen within 500 feet outside the craft. Virtually
all are seen at night and usually only one or two witnesses are
present. The occupants do not attempt to communicate, but
retreat to their craft which quickly flies away. Two
additional classifications are recognized but recorded
separately from "Encounter" type reports. They are: "Favored
Intermediary" or "Contactee"; and "Abductions."

Of all the reports filed, "Lights In The Sky" seem to be the
most perplexing and difficult to explain. Many lights, or
glowing orbs, perform complex maneuvers and sometimes respond
to other lights or telepathic commands, or to the movements of
human observers. They apparently defy the known laws of the
universe, traversing the atmosphere with ease and flashing into
hypedrive in the twinkling of an eye, or by making rapid
right-angle turns, stopping suddenly from rapid flight and
hovering silently for long periods before they sail away.

In 1974, Ground Saucer Watch, comprised of 500 engineers,
physicists and astronomers, began using computer enhancement to
determine if UFO photos were real or fakes. Scanned onto a
computer screen, the images are reduced to 245,000 pixels and
the computer is programmed to assign each pixel a brightness
rating. Using color contouring, 3-D enhancement, and a number
of other sophisticated tests, GSW engineers were able to prove
conclusively that 90% of previously accepted UFO photographs
were hoaxes. Two of the most famous UFO photographs were taken
by Paul Trent on May 11, 1950 at about 7:45 in the evening.
Mrs. Trent was in the yard feeding her rabbits when she looked
up and saw a large metal disc sailing silently across the sky.
She called to her husband who got his camera from the car and
snapped two shots of the disc before it accelerated and
disappeared toward the west.

Fearing he might have photographed a secret U.S. aircraft, Mr.
Trent told only a few friends about the incident. A reporter
from the local newspaper heard of the sighting and eventually
got the negatives. Within a week the photographs were printed
on the cover of Life Magazine. In 1969, after rigorous
scrutiny, skeptical scientists working on the Condon Report
accepted that the object in the photos could not be explained
by any known natural or supernatural phenomena. They concluded,
"...the photographs confirms precisely what the witnesses said
they saw." GSW examined the photos and endorsed the Condon
findings in 1974 when its experts concluded that the object in
the two photographs was a real "nuts and bolts" solid object,
between 60 and 90 feet in diameter with a flat, evenly lighted
underside and had been at least one-half mile away from the

In 1947, Kenneth Arnold made his historic UFO sighting while
flying his private plane near the Cascade Range in Washington
State. Nearby, in the inaccessible canyons and mountains of the
Yakima Indian reservation, over 200 anomalous lights have been
reported in the past 20 years. Reports include stories of
discs, fires, glowing canyons, sounds from underground,
encounters and other odd phenomena. Most reports are of bright
lights moving low in the sky, swelling and pulsing with color.
Some appear to be aware of humans, some cause automobile
engines to quit, others affect nearby animals.

Glowing orbs of lights performing apparently intelligent
maneuvers have been photographed and observed with various
scientific instruments in England, the United States and
Norway, enabling investigators to make educated guesses as to
speed, size and light intensity. Their physical and chemical
properties remain a mystery. Photographs of the objects reveal
nothing more than lights rather than objects with features of
flying saucers. Taken as lights alone, these phenomena pose a
genuine challenge to science. Nothing presently known fits the
description of the lights. They last longer than any known
transient luminous phenomena. They glide silently, often for
long distances, proving that they are not associated with
specific locations.

Some have been photographed against a background of mountains,
proving they are not celestial bodies, mirages, or refraction
effects. They are larger and brighter than any other known
atmospheric light. Some have been reported since at least 1771,
meaning cars, trains and aircraft lights must be ruled out as
causes. They exist in the physical world, but evidence shows
they may respond to lasers, light, radio waves and telepathic
messages! Challenged to explain sightings of mysterious lights
in the hills around Piedmont, Missouri, physics professor
Harley Rutledge of Southeast Missouri State College, set up
Project Identification in 1973 to gather data. 178 anomalous
objects were recorded on 157 separate occasions. 40 scientists
used a wide range of equipment, telescopes, sophisticated
cameras, spectrum analyzer as well as a galvanometer to measure
changes in the earth's gravitational field.

Simultaneous observations from widely separated locations
allowed measurements of speed, course, and position of the
objects. Sightings of aircraft, meteorites, headlights,
refracted lights, etc., were eliminated from the investigation.
The most startling discovery was that, on at least 32 recorded
occasions, the movement of the lights synchronized with actions
of the observers. They appeared to respond to a light being
switched on and off, to verbal or radio messages, and even to
telepathic communication! These claims, made by a member of the
lay public, would have been dismissed as the ravings of a
lunatic; coming from a professor of physics, they merit serious

In 1944, while flying over Germany, USAAF pilot Bill Leet
reported a luminous sphere suddenly appeared beside his B-17
"like a light switch being turned on." It paced the plane for
almost 45 minutes, then vanished. The gunners wanted to shoot
at it but Leet ordered them not to, stating that if the light
wanted to harm them, it could have done so any time.

This was just one of many sightings of the now-famous "Foo
Fighters" reported by pilots flying over Europe in the winter
of 1944-45. The discs and globes were about five feet in
diameter, generally seen at night, and sometimes changed color
from orange to red to white and back to orange. They were never
seen on radar. After the war, German and Japanese pilots
admitted they had been perplexed by the same phenomena. They
have never been satisfactorily explained. Could it be that
these glowing orbs, combining a physical existence with an
ability to interact with the human psyche, hold the key to the
UFO enigma? Secret weapons have always been guarded by the
military and certain U.S. intelligence agencies for obvious
reasons. It is simply not in the military's interest to have
thousands of public eyes prying into top secret projects, nor
is it, indeed, in the public's interest to do so.

The most bizarre of all aircraft, the alien-looking A-117
Stealth Fighter, the "Shabah" (Spirit), of Desert Storm fame,
was kept secret right up until the time it was deployed to
Saudi Arabia and it had been flying around the country for
years! Had the public known of its existence, had foreign
countries known of its existence, an effective countermeasure
for detecting and destroying it might have been developed
before it could have been used. So we must accept that there
are some projects better left secret.

In 1947, a few days prior to the Roswell incident, a V-2 rocket
had been fired from White Sands Missile Test Center. At about
the same time, the U.S. Army released one of its first
polyethylene weather balloons, a material uncommon in the late
1940's and which may have explained reports of a material
"incredibly tough" and unlike any seen on this planet.

Additionally, either of those vehicles might have carried
monkeys aloft as part of the test, which could explain the four
small dead creatures discovered at the second site. But even
if secret rockets and weather balloons go astray (and the early
V-2s were famous for it) the military and intelligence
agencies, encouraging interest in the UFO phenomena, can
discredit observers as cranks and, thus, effectively maintain
the integrity of secret weapons tests. It is the UFO
conspiracy conspiracy! Areas of high UFO activity in America
have always been near test sites for secret weapons and

Additionally, several aspects of UFO activity might be
attributable to the CIA or some group within the CIA since
waves of UFO sightings often occur after times of crises within
the government. Several UFO sightings followed the Soviet's
successful launching of Sputnik in November 1957 when America's
own space efforts were failing dismally on the screens of every
American television set!

A UFO conspiracy, apparently now directed by a group ensconced
in the lower stories of the Pentagon, and backed up by the
military, effectively masks secret weapons from prying eyes.
Disinformation diverts the scientific community from serious
study of UFO phenomena. Obvious hoaxes, staged a few years
apart, is enough to keep the media and scientists off balance.
Behind the smokescreen, new secret technology and radical
aircraft designs can be developed, tested and evaluated without
serious interference from people who have no need to know
what's going on.

It doesn't matter if someone is trying to hide a secret weapon,
planning a corporate take-over or concealing their involvement
in an assassination, these two strategies apply: (1) If you
want to keep your secrets, you always create a diversion to
keep people looking in the wrong direction, and (2) If the
evidence you find leads to only one conclusion, the conclusion
will be wrong every time because the evidence has been planted.

"Nuts and Bolts" flying around the skies of every country on
the planet is one thing; "Lights in the Sky" are something
else. It seems entirely plausible that an experimental
saucer-shaped aircraft might have overflown the Trent house in
Oregon in 1950, a period of great activity in aircraft
development in America. It is less plausible that lights
responding to human telepathic communication in Piedmont,
Missouri are creations of the U.S. military or manipulations of
the CIA.

They have been seen for centuries on every continent and by
nearly every race of people, many of whom never even heard of
the CIA or ever read a UFO report. Unlocking the secrets of the
lights may give us some of the answers to the continuing enigma
of UFO's.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.