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Terrestrial UFOs: Subliminal Connection

There is a universal, limitless, free electro-magnetic energy
being used by scientists to make terrestrial UFOs and those
who refuse to work on these machines or try to resist
conducting experiments are programmed to obey orders by
subliminal and remote mechanical means.

There is a growing concern that subliminal engineering has
been going on for some time and that it is connected directly
with the development of terrestrial UFOs.

A small chain of dedicated researchers, working underground
throughout the world, now feel they have evidence that the
"great UFO cover-up" does not deal with captured
extra-terrestrial technology but with highly specialized,
technical and secret "black" projects being conducted at
various remote locations on our own planet.

They know that those who wish to hide these facts will go to
any lengths to avoid compromising their projects and that many
scientists who have been reported missing or dead are working
on these UFOs, space travel and time travel!

Even more awesome is the report that some of the most
outstanding scientists have been offered honorable positions
at "non-existing" institutions and they are forced to work on
specific projects in secret underground locations around the

If they resist in any way they are deprived of their
individuality and programmed to obey any instruction given
them by subliminal suggestion and/or implanting electrodes in
the brain. They have been treated in such a way as to become
little more than robots who obey any order, including orders
to assassinate others.

Another method employed is the use of powerful telepaths
(scanners) and machines that synchronize the brain waves to
some kind of emitted electromagnetic wave. (Refer to NSA and
DIA "Scannate" projects). There is no physical contact and the
target has no knowledge that subliminal suggestion has
occurred, believing the ideas to be their own!

We have received reports and information about experiments in
free energy, magnetic energy machines, invisibility, time and
space transport, and even reports of suicides, accidents and
murder as a result of subliminal suggestion.

One of my overseas contacts states: "When reported to the
Commission of Human Rights in Strassbourg, their comment was,
'The victims have to complain themselves!'" That, of course,
is highly unlikely!

Ever since the 1950's when a Fort Lee, New Jersey movie
theatre flashed DRINK COCA-COLA over the face of actress Kim
Novak during the showing of Picnic, there has been a growing
controversy concerning the practice of subliminal suggestion.
At that time some Congressmen and The women's Christian
Temperance Union voiced strong objections and called for an

Hal C. Becker, president of Behavioral Engineering Corp. in
Metairie, Louisiana, stated that he had implanted electrodes
in the human brain when he was an engineer at Tulane Medical
School. That was a beginning.

In looking at the subject of subliminal suggestion and
conditioning today, we now find a wide scope of more
frightening possibilities.

On an NBC Magazine TV news special, March 13, 1981, a segment
on mind control was aired. It was reported at that time that
the Russians were known to be experimenting with changing
human behavior by external electronic influences, and
witnesses expressed fear that the minds of many of the world's
most important and influential people are now being controlled
by these processes!

Witnesses told of seeing experiments where a person's spinal
cord was paralyzed by the mental suggestion of a scanner less
than a half mile away. They also told of another experiment
where a person in one room was influenced by a scanner in
another room to become so dizzy he could not stand.

It has been shown that the human brain does emit electric
energy and that it may be harnessed and used. In a laboratory
in Leningrad a man is able to light a bulb using only his
mental powers.

The news program discussed an experiment where someone tried
to influence the mind of another who was speaking on a radio,
to see if the speech could be changed during the program.

Near Portland, Oregon, there are unusual radio waves of an
extremely low frequency pulsating 10 times a second. I can
pick these up on my shortwave radio nightly. Sources, some of
them classified, have traced these pulses to a transmitter in
the former Soviet Union! These sources will not discuss their

There is no evidence that anyone has suffered biological
effects from the signal, but they are at the frequency that
the human body functions (10 hertz_the range of biological

The implication is that extremely low frequencies like that,
absorbed by the body and brain, can influence brain waves. The
brain can be disrupted by electronic fields and microwaves
because whenever you can get a resonate frequency between
portions of the brain and physical energy then you can alter
the structure of the brain or any other organ in the body.
Heart attacks could be induced, for example.

An experiment was witnessed where someone in another room
fractured the spinal cord of a person and disrupted mental

Why would anyone want to fracture spinal cords or make another
person ill? Why disorient or control another human being?
Bizarre as it may seem, we are beginning to discover reasons.

Since this concerns only Terrestrial UFOs and their possible
connections to subliminal suggestion and conditioning, we
cannot, at this point, ignore the fact that over the years
there have been thousands of apparently honest accounts of
personal contacts with UFOs and their occupants and a number
of perfectly credible abduction episodes.

Some have returned proclaiming messages of hope and love from
our space brothers, some of which have accurately predicted
future events. These contacts have posed some of the most
perplexing questions concerning the UFO enigma.

Considering that very knowledgeable people are able to
deliberately project thoughts, experiences and visions,
perhaps even words, into the minds of witnesses all over the
world, the answer is a practical though fearsome conclusion:
Someone is conducting mass subliminal suggestion and mind

Additionally, there have been and still are intelligence
agencies, often using front organizations, who are exploiting
the extra-terrestrial hysteria while busily collecting data on
the effects of terrestrial UFO sightings.

Knowledge has been systematically controlled down through the
ages. In the past, all women and most men were denied the
right to learn to read or write and "wisdom" was granted only
to the select few. Books were burned, information recorded on
stone, wood or clay was defaced, destroyed or hidden from the

Lest you think anything has changed may I remind you of the
secret documents to be released after the year 2000. They
include information on Kissinger's "Dead Key Scrolls,"
Watergate, Martin Luther King's and JFK's deaths. It should be
obvious to all but a few that we will not be told about mind
control and terrestrial UFOs as long as there are those who
think we should not know.

In his book, "Messengers of Deception," Jacques Vallee,
well-known French astrophysicist and UFO investigator tells of
"mind manipulators" who are controlling certain individuals on
this planet.

There are many scattered pieces to this great and intriguing
puzzle. It is possible that many "suicides" and deaths by
"heart attack" have been caused by subliminal suggestion when
some who have dedicated themselves to finding out the truth
have ventured too far into the realm of arcane knowledge.

We may soon learn why Admiral Forestal took a dive out of a
Naval Hospital window; why Admiral Byrd lacked sensible
explanation about his findings at the South Pole and why his
original report is missing from libraries and collections.

There has already been much speculation on the death of Morris
K. Jessup, well-known UFO researcher and writer, and much has
been written on the subject.

There are others too numerous to note, but we will briefly
discuss Dr. James E. McDonald. Among many other things he was
a respected scientist. While researching the unclassified
files at Project Bluebook in the Spring of 1967, he came
across a copy of the Robertson Panel report that had
accidentally been declassified. He took notes and was troubled
when he read that the government had been advised to launch a
comprehensive program of 'public training and debunking' in
regard to UFOs. (Robertson Panel, pp 18-24, Tab-A).

The CIA sponsored panel suggested that the government employ
well-known personalities, Walt Disney Productions, and
psychologists to begin massive UFO debunking campaigns to
either decrease or completely eliminate civilian UFO reports.
The news services carried McDonald's accusations across the
nation. Dr. McDonald also accused Dr. Hynek for refusing to
release important information on UFOs for many years.

McDonald found many other things that disturbed him in regard
to UFOs. He was called to testify about the SST supersonic
transport to the House Committee on Appropriations and was
promptly attacked by Congressman Silvio Conte of
Massachusetts, proclaiming that McDonald had 'to back up his
theory that there are little men flying around in the sky. I
think that this is important.' (92nd Congress, 1st Session,
1-4 March, 9171, pp 587, 592).

The SST was McDonald's last project. He had ventured too far
into the fog surrounding the UFO enigma. He was found dead in
the desert near Tucson, Arizona on June 13, 1971. A .38
caliber revolver and a note were found beside his body and it
was presumed that he had taken his own life.

Those who pursue the riddle of UFOs have always been held up
to public ridicule. In 1962, Arthur Sylvester, then Assistant
Secretary of Defense, told reporters that the government took
the position that lying was okay if justified by the results.

It is possible and probable that many nations are involved in
the production terrestrial UFOs. A number of sources claim
that Nazi scientists produced models for Hitler's war machine
and then for Russia, Communist China and America after the
cessation of hostilities. Reports abound of research stations
in Antarctica, Australia, South Africa, South America, Tibet,
and the American Southwest desert.

The Danish weekly, "Danske Tidende," carried an article
claiming that the Russians have occupied the Norwegian island
of Svalbard and were transporting what appeared to be UFO type

Renato Vesco, Italian author, head of the technical section of
the Italian Air Force, and senior member of the Italian
Association of Aerotechniques, wrote about the history of
terrestrial UFOs in 1968! His book, originally published as
"Intercettateli Senza Sparare (Milan) was later published in
English entitled, "Intercept-But Don't Shoot: The True Story
Of The Flying Saucers." Mr. Vesco states that England and
Canada continued German UFO projects after the war.

Two-hundred and fifty thousand young Germans were never found
after the war. There are probably more pure Germans in South
America and South Africa than in Germany. What could these
elite scientists and engineers, living in protected enclaves
accomplish if funded by the plundered wealth of Europe? It
staggers the imagination!

It is believed that some high ranking atomic scientists,
sometime between 1933 and 1945, erected a secret research
center in a remote valley in Tibet. Monks who have escaped the
area and made contact with the outside world report that the
scientists have magnetic devices in operation. One such
magnetic device forms an impenetrable wall around the valley
where terrestrial UFOs are manufactured.

These machines are capable of instantaneous movement to any
location on earth and often are invisible while in flight. The
machines described, whether real or projected, are identical
to thousands reported around the world.

It now seems entirely possible that many of the most
intelligent and capable people in the world can be made to
work on these secret projects and that there are those who
will go to any lengths to protect these bases and
laboratories. It is also possible and highly probable that the
truth of UFOs is not that there are extra-terrestrials
regularly visiting Earth but, rather, that there is an Aryan
super-race ready to take over complete control of the planet.

With turmoil and conflict increasing worldwide, it would be
comforting to believe that ever-watchful creatures will swoop
down to save us from ourselves at just the right moment,
however, we feel this complacency and faith in false saviours
will only make it easier for the terrestrial UFO pilots to
murder millions of humans with little effort at all.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.