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Thinking Objectively
Striving for truth and the scientific method.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, postulated
that "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever
remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

This, of course, is a dangerous dictum in the hands of the
wrong people for it allows all sorts of crackpots to attribute
impossible interpretations to perfectly logical, if not totally
understood, phenomena.

Ideally, we should be open-minded when dealing with such
phenomena as UFOs and TLOs. Most zealots demand of others a
broad-minded view, yet they are often as close-minded as the
scientists they disparage, rejecting as "conspiracy" any theory
or expression that does not support their own.

There is always a danger of going too far the other way, of
accepting as fact things that are really only popular beliefs,
or of parroting imaginative and theatrical explanations for
phenomena that are really appallingly mundane.

Yet a point can be made for Holmes' dictum. There does come a
time when evidence in favor of a conclusion becomes
overwhelming and it would be perverse not to admit it, even if
it does not support one's own theory.

It would be as foolish to reject out of hand the existence of
UFOs as to embrace their existence without question for it is
that very debate that will ultimately uncover the truth of the
matter. After having eliminated the impossible relative to UFOs
and TLOs _viz. that all reports of all such craft and crew
result from improper recognition of aircraft, manic delusion or
hallucination_we are left with the initially improbable but
ultimately inevitable conclusion that UFOs, TLOs and "Flying
Saucers" do, indeed, exist.

It would be irrational to disagree with the validity of the
argument that something is there, even if it ultimately proves
to be not exactly what many of us now believe (or hope) it is.

While I cannot with certainty state that "Flying Saucers" from
other worlds are traversing the skies of planet Earth on a
regular basis, I would be surprised if they were not.
Similarly, while I cannot state with certainty that hundreds or
thousands of people appear to have been abducted and carried
off in craft of some sort, the corpus of evidence and testimony
indicates that they have been and, again, I would be surprised
if they have not. Certainly I would have no confidence in
expressing the opinion that neither of these events have ever
occurred or that they are not now occurring regularly on a
worldwide basis.

I have some theories, based upon sound evidence and first hand
knowledge, about the nature of many of the craft commonly
referred to as "Flying Saucers" and UFOs. My theories are not
particularly popular with some UFOlogists who steadfastly claim
all UFOs are from other worlds or other galaxies and that all
UFOs must, of necessity, be crewed by alien beings who came to
this planet to harvest us as food after having agreed to an
evil covenant with 12 well-intentioned but inordinately
short-sighted members of America's political and scientific

In dealing with the phenomena of UFOs, we should make every
attempt to reserve judgement until all the facts have been
presented. Certainly, we should approach our investigation
objectively rather than subjectively; that is, not assign to
UFOs attributes they may not possess (portholes, crew, sounds,
lights or flight characteristics). We need to maintain an open
mind while avoiding the pitfall of having someone come along to
put things in it.

I am convinced the UFO and TLO phenomenons will eventually
succumb to the scientific method. In the case of UFOs, we
require hard evidence, the best of which will be excellent
quality irrefutable photographs, video tapes and motion
pictures, preferably with raw sound.

Statements by former military employees are useful only as
supplements to photographic evidence. Eye-witness accounts from
sightings, contactees or abductees is interesting narrative but
proves little without the hard evidence of pictures.

If the government is trying to hide UFOs from other worlds or
simply trying to protect secret aircraft, they can publicly
deny their complicity and that's the end of it. The burden of
proof falls upon the serious UFO researcher, whether he
believes UFOs are real nuts and bolts machines or whether he
believes the UFO experience is more of psychological or
parapsychological origin.

Fanatic mysticism and wild, unsubstantiated claims will never
prove or disprove the existence of craft we know as UFOs.
Irrefutable photographs, if anyone is lucky enough to ever
obtain any, may not be enough to prove the existence of even a
single alien spacecraft if the government is determined to deny

But the more high quality intelligence information we obtain,
the better will be our case, regardless of whether the
information supports or refutes our best pet theories.

We must remember that none of the current ideas about UFOs are
inherently impossible, however, when all the evidence is
presented, only one theory will be shown to have been based
upon sound evidence gleaned from scientific methods objectively

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, void
of poetic license, absolute, literal, word-for-word, however
improbable (or unpopular), must be the truth of the matter. It
is for that truth that we all should strive even if the pursuit
ultimately robs some of us of stature and status.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.