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AIDs As A Weapon Of War

The great powers renounced chemical and biological warfare 20
years ago _ but kept right on experimenting. The germ warfare
experiments on Seventh Day Adventist soldiers, (1) the
Tuskeegee syphilis experiments on prisoners, (2) the San
Francisco Bay attack by the U.S. Army using serratia
marcescens bacteria, (3) the New York City subway germ attack,
(4) and many other experiments on humans, largely unknown to
the victims, continue in the free world.

In Novosybirsk, at the Ivanofsky Institute and other Soviet
centers of biological warfare, you can be sure that similar
diabolical experiments on humans continue at a frantic pace.

The Soviet press, always masters of the half truth, accused
the U.S. Army of having engineered the AIDS virus in the
biological warfare laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland.
This was a clever psy-war ploy which, for a while anyway,
neutralized those of us who were saying essentially the same
thing, that the AIDS virus was probably created through
recombinant genetic engineering (the rearranging of genes
between two or more species of plants or animal) and/or serial
passage: the growing of a virus in a series of generations of
tissue culture cells or live animals, thus adapting the virus
to a net species, using human tissue culture cells in the top
security labs at Fort Detrick. People started accusing us of
spreading the communist line, not a comfortable position for a
dedicated anti-communist like myself.

What the Soviet propagandists didn't say was that their agents
had been working in our top security biological warfare
laboratories for over 20 years. In a burst of brotherly love
they were invited in by President Nixon. The astounded
communist scientists from Russia, the Eastern Bloc and
communist China, who had been trying to penetrate this vital
security area for 40 years, quickly accepted. They have been
snickering in their beakers ever since, while they prepare for
our demise.

"It's no secret that they are there," Dr. Carlton Gajdusek,
Nobel Prize winner, a top official at the Fort Detrick Army
laboratory in Maryland, said in Omni magazine (March 1985).
"In the facility I have a building where more good and loyal
communist scientists from the USSR and mainland China work,
with full passkeys to all the laboratories, than there are
American. Even the Army's Infectious Disease Unit is loaded
with foreign workers who are not always friendly nationals."

This answer to an interview question refers to the high number
of Soviet bloc scientists in this U.S. facility who act as
inspectors to ensure that we are not producing bacteriological
weapons in violation of treaties with the Soviets.

You can't put it more plainly than that. Even the Trojans
weren't that stupid: at least they didn't know the Trojan
horse was full of soldiers.

When it became obvious to the communist press that we were
getting the truth out about who was running things at Fort
Detrick, they completely reversed themselves and said it was
all a mistake. Everything was just fine at Fort Detrick.

To understand the enormity of our betrayal you must know about
the origin of the AIDS virus. The virologists of the world,
the sorcerers who brought us this ghastly plague, have a
united front in denying that the virus was laboratory-made
from known, lethal animal viruses. The scientific party line
is that a monkey in Africa with AIDS bit a native on the butt.
The native then went to town and gave it to a prostitute who
gave it to the local banker who gave it to his wife and three
girlfriends and what! 50 to 75 million people became infected
with AIDS in Africa and throughout the world. This is an
entirely preposterous story, and it is preposterous because:

1. The green velvet monkey of Africa doesn't get human AIDS.
You can't reproduce the disease in monkeys even by injecting
AIDS virus directly into them.

2. After injecting the virus into monkeys, you can't transmit
it to other monkeys, much less to humans.

3. Genetically, AIDS (HIV-1) is not even close to the monkey
form of immunodeficiency virus. [Ed. note: For references on
the three items above, see: Seale, Dr. John J., Royal Society
of Medicine, Sept. 1987, Seale, Dr. John J., The Origin of
AIDS _ International Conference on AIDS, Cairo, March 1988.]

4. AIDS started not in the villages but in the cities of
Africa, where there are no wild monkeys.

5. The doubling time of AIDS infection being about 12 months,
one monkey biting one native and then spreading the disease
would have taken 20 years to reach a million cases.
Seventy-five million Africans became infected practically
simultaneously. At the same time, the disease became rampant
in the U.S., Haiti and Brazil.

It is obvious that one monkey couldn't have done that for one
homosexual, either. There had to be some sort of simultaneous
seeding process. The only worldwide simultaneous seeding
going on at the same time was the smallpox vaccine program of
the World Health Organization (WHO). The early epidemiology of
the AIDS pandemic fits the smallpox vaccination project of the
WHO _ AND NOTHING ELSE (with the exception of the U.S., which
we shall examine subsequently.)

The AIDS virus was created in a laboratory by combining lethal
animal "retroviruses" in human cancer (HeLA) cell cultures.
These viruses have never before caused infection in man. The
"species barrier" has always been nature's way of keeping a
deadly virus from wiping out the entire animal kingdom,
including man. The myxoma virus of rabbits, for example,
wiped out the rabbit population of Europe, but man and other
animals were not affected. The sheep visna virus completely
decimated the flocks of Iceland, but no other animal was

The virologists deny that the AIDS virus, HIV-1, is of animal
origin. I am sure that you see the paradox here. Aren't
monkeys animals?

They are also united in saying that it's not possible for the
virus to have been engineered in a laboratory. If it didn't
come from other animals and it didn't come from a laboratory,
and they now admit privately that the monkey couldn't have
done it, then it must have come out of thin air. That's a
theological position and hence beyond argument. It's
certainly not scientific.

These scientists who have created this monstrous problem in
their sorcerer's retrovirology laboratories are constantly
caught in their own lies. The line goes: "The AIDS virus
could not have been engineered in a laboratory because the
technology wasn't available until recently." Icelandic
scientists combined the sheep visna virus with human tissue
cells over 20 years ago. The technology has been refined in
recent years, but the basic process has been actively used in
labs all over the world for long before the AIDS virus made
its dramatic appearance.

But the scientists hold fast in their denial of culpability.
Professor William Jarrett said, when asked about the
possibility of AIDS arising from animal retroviruses, "That is
like someone saying babies come out of cabbages." (5) Dr.
Robert Gallo said that people who claim AIDS was manufactured
artificially "are either insane or communists." (6) Dr. Luc
Montagnier, the discoverer of the AIDS virus, said, "In 1970
there was not enough knowledge in genetic engineering to make
such a virus starting from already existing viruses." (7)
(See Icelandic experiments mentioned above.)

This tower of lies must eventually fail of its own weight.
Then what? Where do we look for a solution? Certainly not
from the people who caused the disaster. But where? _ the
Pentagon? The Pentagon is supporting research on biological
warfare in over 100 federal and private laboratories,
including those at many prominent universities. (8) Yet, Neil
Levitt, who worked for 17 years at the Army infectious Disease
Institute, says, "It's a joke... there's no defense against
these kinds of organisms. And if you can't defend against
something, then why are we pouring more and more money in it?
There's something else going on that we don't know about."
(9) Some joke.

A short virology lesson will help you understand that AIDS is
indeed an animal virus and that it was laboratory-made as a
weapon of biological warfare against the free world.

A basic rule of virology is that if two viruses have the same
shape, design and size, then they are almost certainly the
same virus (a very simple and easy to understand rule). (10)
For example, this virus:

... a virus of bacteria (bugs have diseases, too), doesn't
look anything like this virus:

... a virus of ticks that's transmitted to pigs, or this

... which is found in horses.

The AIDS virus, which "couldn't have come from animal viruses"
is almost certainly a recombinant virus from fusing a cattle
virus, bovine leukemia virus:

with sheep visna virus:

You combine the two in human tissue culture cells and you get
bovine visna virus:

engineered in a laboratory. Now, if you isolate the AIDS virus
from an infected human, it looks like this:

It doesn't look like this (the tick virus):

... or this (the cattle virus):


... the recombinant virus from cattle and sheep AND IT'S
CALLED AIDS. You don't have to be a genius to understand
this. Any properly instructed 10-year-old can understand it!

But, some alert reader will say, we don't give smallpox
vaccinations in the U.S., so how do you explain the
simultaneous outbreak of AIDS in Africa, Brazil and Haiti,
where they did indeed give the vaccine, and in the U.S., where
they didn't give the vaccine?

Simple. The homosexual community was used as a large group of
experimental animals through the hepatitis-B program. It
didn't take many infected homosexuals among the I.V. drug
users to quickly spread the disease among a large percentage
of the addicts due to the near certainty of infection through
direct intravenous insertion of the virus.

To understand the seeding of AIDS among homosexuals (and
eventually to the rest of us through bisexuals unless drastic
action is taken), you must know about a character with the
strange name of Wolf Szmuness. His life story will seem
bizarre to you unless, like me, you have a conspiratorial turn
of mind.

Dr. Szmuness was a Polish Jew who supposedly ended up in a
Siberian labor camp during World War II. But after the war he
somehow became a privileged person, was sent to medical school
in Tomsk, Russia, and married a Russian woman. Hardly typical
treatment of an enemy of the Soviet state [under Stalin].

Szmuness's biographer said that Wolf was always reluctant to
discuss "those dark years in Siberia." Maybe he wasn't in
Siberia. If he actually was, he certainly wasn't shoveling

In 1959 the Soviet government "allowed" him to practice in
Poland in a public health capacity. Standard policy in all
communist countries is never to allow all members of a family
to travel out of the country to the West at the same time.
This eliminates 98 percent of all defection attempts. I have
physician friends in Hungary, for example. He can go to a
meeting anywhere in the world if she stays home. She can go
if he stays home. They can both go if the children are left
at home. But in 1969, the entire Szmuness family was allowed
by communist Poland to go to a medical meeting in Italy. At
that time they "defected" and moved to New York City.

job as a "lab technician" at the New York City Blood Center.
Within a very few years this Polish immigrant was GIVEN HIS
OWN LAB, a separate department of epidemiology was created for
him at the blood bank and he, like the chrysalis turning into
a butterfly, changed into a FULL PROFESSOR OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AT

In six years this "lab tech" became a full professor AND THEN
WENT BACK TO MOSCOW for a scientific presentation and was
received as a dignitary, not a defector.

We tell you this amazing story because in retrospect it is
obvious that Wolf Szmuness was a carefully groomed agent,
planted here after years of preparation, to instigate
biological warfare against the American people.

Szmuness, with the full cooperation and financial support of
the U.S. Center for Disease Control and the National
Institutes of Health, (11) masterminded the hepatitis-B
vaccine experimental program used on homosexual men.

He insisted that only young, promiscuous homosexuals be
allowed to participate in the experiment. The experiment
started in New York at the blood bank in November 1978. THE
EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE WAS PRODUCED in a government supervised
laboratory. (12) The study was completed in October 1979.
Within 10 years, most of these young men would be dead or
dying from AIDS.

In 1980 the program was expanded to major cities all across
the U.S. In the fall of 1980 the first AIDS case was reported
in San Francisco. Eight years later most of the homosexuals in
San Francisco are infected, dead or dying.

Szmuness did not live to see the fruition of this larger
experiment. He died of cancer in 1982.

In 1986 Dr. Cladd Stevens, one of Szmuness's collaborators,
penned an astonishing report that did not make your local
newspaper. She reported that the majority of the homosexuals
in the experimental program were infected with the AIDS virus.
(13) The AIDS-laced vaccine, through the bridge of bisexual
men, now infects as many as three million Americans. Mission

AIDS was not the first germ warfare attack against Americans.
In the early '60s, millions of unsuspecting Americans took
either Salk injected polio vaccine or the live Sabin polio
vaccine, which was taken by mouth. BOTH WERE LACED WITH
incubation period of 20 years, we are only now seeing the grim
results of this bio-attack against Americans, largely in the
form of brain tumors and leukemia. Salk didn't like the Sabin
vaccine and Sabin didn't like the Salk vaccine. I think they
are both right. It is interesting to note that polio was
rapidly disappearing WITHOUT a vaccine (J. Trop. Pediat, env.
Child. Health 21, (11).

Our Soviet enemies not only instigated the AIDS epidemic
through clandestine agents within our government, but they now
control, through the World Health Organization, the AIDS
policies of the free world. You are probably not aware that
the International AIDS prevention program of the World Health
Organization (WHO) is run by the Soviets.

You don't believe it? Call WHO and ask them who is in charge
in Europe. If you want to save your nickel I'll tell you.
He's a Russian named Bysencho and he operates out of

The Soviets control the response to AIDS of the entire free
world at many levels, including the top. Dr. Sergei Litvinov,
the coordinator of all task forces on AIDS at the WHO, is a
high official in the Soviet Ministry of Health. Allegedly
Litvinov gave out the order to our scientists and medical
organizations in the western world not to discuss the real
cause of the epidemic.

At a secret meeting (information supplied the author from a
confidential source) between the editors of Lancet, the highly
respected British medical publication, and a group of the
leading retrovirologists of the world, it was decided not to
publish any academic discussion about the possible artificial
creation of the AIDS virus in a laboratory. They particularly
agreed not to make any mention of world-renowned biologist
Isaac Farlane Bernet's published remarks that molecular
biology may get out of hand like atomic physics and be used
for evil purposes and "practical applications of molecular
biology to cancer research might be sinister."

Other medical journals such as Science and JAMA have
lock-stepped with Lancet and put all references to the
man-made origins of AIDS down the memory hole.

Did comrade Litvinov have a little talk with the
retrovirologists? They, of course, wouldn't need any
encouragement from the Soviet WHO bosses to attempt a little
cover-up of their own heinous crime, but Lancet, the British
Medical Journal, and the New England Journal of Medicine are
another matter. It took some powerful and sinister forces
indeed to get these respected publications to cover up the
crime of the millennium.

The notable exception to this appalling censorship of mass
murder is Professor Harding Rains, Editor of the Journal of
the Royal Society of Medicine. Rains refers to "a conspiracy
of silence" covering the allegation that AIDS was man-made.
We hope Dr. Rains is watching his backside!

Dr. Zhores Medvedev, unlike Bysencho and Litvinov, supposedly
is a Russian exile. Medvedev operates out of London at the
National Institute for Medical Research. He's a senior
research scientist who continues to communicate freely with
his supposed enemies in the Soviet bio-warfare laboratories,
but we lack the space to catalog all the details here.

Medvedev is spreading the disinformation that AIDS is rampant
in Russia due to the escape of the virus from a laboratory, a
sort of biological Chernobyl. This tends to divert suspicion
away from Litvinov, Schmugner and the other reds that
President Nixon allowed to penetrate our biological warfare
laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Having the Soviets control the spread of AIDS in the West has
led to some interesting paradoxes. Our masters in the U.S.
tell us that there shall be absolutely no restrictions on
travel between various parts of the non-Communist world by
persons who test positive for AIDS.

Surgeon General C.E. Koop supports this Soviet policy of
biological suicide. (Are those the instructions he received
when he made his trip to Moscow, where the WHO has set up its
main AIDS research center?) But, our Soviet masters in the WHO
tell us this open policy of international travel does not
apply to the communist bloc of nations. If you or I were to
visit Moscow and tested positive for the AIDS virus, POW! _
out on the next plane! If they stay clean through their
immigration policies and we die because of the immigration
policies imposed on us through the U.N.-controlled World
Health Organization, who needs atomic bombs for world

Cuba, Dr. John Seale informs me, has a strict asylum system
for the AIDS-infected. When their troops come back from
"liberating" Africans, they are tested as they get off the
boat. If tested positive the soldier goes directly to Hell _
euphemistically called a Sanitarium. He can visit his family
occasionally, but only in the presence of a commissar called
a"health official" (no hanky-panky).

Unless the West gets its act together and closes down the U.N.
genocide division called the WHO, freedom and decency will
disappear from planet Earth for a thousand years. But the
problem goes much deeper. How do you close down the U.S.
government laboratories such as the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the
Fort Detrick bio-warfare lab when the perpetrators of the
crime are in control at all levels? I don't know the answer.


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There are 9000 to the 4th power possible AIDS viruses (9000
base pairs on the genome) so human misery worldwide has just
begun. Because of the trillions of possible genetic
combinations, there will never be a vaccine to end this
plague. The HIV will be constantly changing and attacking
humans with new esoteric diseases, forever mutating faster
than scientists can conjure up cures.

It is no longer a question of when we will see an end to AIDS;
it is a question of when we will see an end to humankind on
this planet.

Original estimates of 500,000,000 dead from AIDS by the year
2000 have been called, "liberal," and many knowledgable
scientists predict half the world's population (2.5 billion),
including United States, will succumb to this man-made plague
by the turn of the century only seven years from today.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.