the digital world and Northern regions.

The Future of the North

Topics related to the digital world and Northern regions encompass a diverse range of subjects that focus on the intersection of technology, innovation, and the unique challenges and opportunities found in the north of Canada and other high-latitude areas.


Cyber-North: Tech Innovations Empowering Northern Communities and Beyond

Cyber-North is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to showcasing technology innovations and their empowering effects on Arctic communities and beyond. By highlighting the latest advancements and success stories, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of how technology is addressing the unique challenges faced by these Northern regions. From improving digital connectivity to mitigating climate change impacts, Cyber-North explores the transformative role technology plays in enhancing the lives of people living in the North of Canada Arctic and other high-latitude areas, while also inspiring new solutions for the future.

Northern Connectivity

Investigate advancements and solutions for improving digital connectivity in Northern regions, including satellite technology, undersea fiber-optic cables, and wireless networks that bridge the digital divide in these areas.

Sustainable Technology

Discover cutting-edge technologies and practices that promote sustainability in Northern regions, including renewable energy solutions, smart grid systems, and eco-friendly innovations that help preserve the environment and support local communities.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Learn about successful digital entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses based in Northern regions, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities they face, and gain insights on strategies for building and scaling online businesses in these areas.

Northern Tech Innovators

Meet the innovators and startups driving technological change in the North, and stay updated on the latest developments, breakthroughs, and trends emerging from Northern-based tech companies and research institutions.

Climate Change Solutions

Explore the ways technology is being utilized to address and mitigate the impacts of climate change in Northern regions, from monitoring sea ice and permafrost thaw to harnessing renewable energy and improving ecological resilience.

Digital Culture & Heritage

Delve into the intersection of technology and the rich cultural heritage of Northern communities, examining how digital tools are being used to preserve, share, and celebrate traditional arts, languages, and histories in the digital age.


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