Northern Connectivity

Investigate advancements and solutions for improving digital connectivity in Northern regions, including satellite technology, undersea fiber-optic cables, and wireless networks that bridge the digital divide in these areas.

Revolutionizing Connectivity in the North: SSC, OneWeb, and Northwestel Collaborate on a New Satellite Network Portal in Yellowknife

  In a strategic move poised to dramatically improve connectivity in Northern Canada, the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) has partnered with OneWeb, a leading UK-based low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company. The collaboration involves a ten-year...

Joint Investment Enhances Hudson Bay Railway, Connectivity

Canada and Manitoba invest $147.6 million in the Arctic Gateway Group’s Hudson Bay Railway, supporting northern connectivity, economic development, and reconciliation.

Announcement of additional funds for cell coverage in Northern BC

The recent announcement of additional funds for cell coverage in Northern BC has highlighted the important role of the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) in economic development in the region. The NDIT, which has been involved in economic development in...