Carbonova Secures $2M from SDTC for Carbon Nanofibers Tech

May 3, 2023
Calgary-based Carbonova, a trailblazing technology firm, has recently secured a $2 million non-dilutive, non-repayable contribution from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). This noteworthy achievement has the potential to considerably advance Carbonova’s unique patented process that transforms greenhouse gases into high-volume, superior solid carbon nanofibers. These innovative nanofibers are finding applications across a broad spectrum of industries, including composite additives and battery production.

At the heart of Carbonova’s technology is the ability to utilize abundant greenhouse gas feedstocks, such as carbon dioxide and methane. By converting these gases into a sustainable and valuable solid commodity, Carbonova is contributing to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a greener, cleaner future. With its proprietary process and catalyst formulations, the company is well-poised to make significant strides in both the environmental and commercial sectors.

The recent financial support from SDTC marks an important milestone for Carbonova as it seeks to scale up its operations and move from its existing pilot-scale setup to a small commercial unit. This transition is expected to significantly expand opportunities for the application of Carbonova’s technology on a global scale. The company’s headquarters, located in Alberta, Canada, will also benefit from the growing interest in their technology as they work toward building the first large-scale commercial carbon nanofibers facility in the country.

SDTC plays a crucial role in funding sustainable small and medium-sized businesses across Canada. With a comprehensive approach to supporting companies from the initial seed stage through to success, SDTC provides the necessary resources for businesses to grow and thrive. Carbonova’s recent funding from SDTC is a testament to their innovative potential, as well as the ongoing commitment of Canadian institutions to support clean technology development.

Dr. Mina Zarabian, Co-Founder and CEO of Carbonova, expressed her gratitude for the support provided by SDTC, highlighting that the funding will materially contribute to the development and commercialization of Carbonova’s game-changing technology. As the company progresses from its pilot scale to a small commercial unit, Dr. Zarabian anticipates a significant expansion of opportunities for the application of Carbonova’s technology in various industries around the world.

The project, titled “Scaling up Production of Carbon Nanofibers from Greenhouse Gases,” has set ambitious goals to achieve significant milestones in the development of Carbonova’s technology. These include the conceptual design, pre-FEED (Front-End Engineering Design), and FEED of the first-of-a-kind modular commercial unit utilizing Carbonova’s groundbreaking process. By successfully completing these milestones, the company aims to position itself as a leader in scaling up a fully Canadian-developed technology and validating its use across multiple applications.

Leah Lawrence, President & CEO of SDTC, lauded the spirit of innovation, discovery, and entrepreneurship thriving in Canada. She emphasized that skilled teams across the country are working tirelessly to address climate change and develop sustainable solutions for pressing environmental challenges. SDTC’s support of Carbonova’s work is a clear demonstration of their commitment to help Canadian companies grow and respond to the increasing global demand for sustainable solutions.

Carbonova’s journey thus far has been supported by numerous funders and stakeholders. The company remains committed to creating value and contributing to the ongoing global energy transition. As Carbonova continues to make progress with its innovative technology, the company is well on its way to realizing its vision of monetizing waste streams and turning them into valuable products. The support of SDTC and other funding partners is vital to ensuring that Carbonova’s carbon nanofiber technology reaches its full potential and contributes significantly to a greener, more sustainable future.